1. D

    Recommended exhaust shops for cheaper cars - ATS, F1 autocentre etc

    Hi All The exhaust on our old budget Yaris seems to have developed a fault as its now very noisy, can anyone recommend any decent places to get it sorted? Locally we have the usual F1 autocentre, Kwik fit, ATS and the halfords autocentre, any good experiences or recommendations out of the...
  2. G

    Any MB paint shops in northeast England, Newcastle ?

    Looking for recommendations for painting an mb r129 in Newcastle area please
  3. Aletank

    Paint/Body Shops Infrared Lamp Vs Bake Oven ??

    I see a lot of Paint/Body shops are using Infrared Lamps over Bake Ovens to cure the paint. What are the pro's/cons of the Infrared Lamps ? Are they any better than Bake Ovens ?
  4. MancMike

    Going to the shops

  5. V

    Any good paint shops around Bradford?

    Hello all Had a bit of scrape with someone in the car and the front corner needs to be repainted, not much damage, just a graze. Anyways, i used to use a place called SJK Autobodies in Bradford but now they dont seem to be there anymore. Just wondering if theres someone else that equally good...
  6. A

    Recommended tyre shops in London

    Hi all, I'm sure this question has come up a few times, but I couldn't find a satisfactory thread, so apologies if you have answered this before! I need to change the front tyres on my C-Class. Can you guys recommend any good tyre shops in London? The shop I have used couple of times is...
  7. N

    any good martial arts shops on internet in UK?

    where do I find good British martial arts shops on internet. may I have some links please.
  8. Tan

    Best Kebab Shops

    Morning all, Inspired by the picture of the Kebab in ***'s thread and following on from the Fish and Chips thread, I thought it would be interesting to compile a directory of the best Kebab shops. My starter for 10 and I would really give this place 10 out of 10, is Wood Oven on George...
  9. Tan

    Best Fish and Chip Shops

    Hi Having just seen Bobby Dazzler's thread on Fish and Chip shops, got me thinking, it would interesting to create a directory of good Fish and Chip shops around the country. I think unlike some foods like Curry, where people tastes differ so much, that one persons favourite curry house...
  10. M

    Any known body shops??

    Looking to get my w126 420 sex fully respayed does anyone no of any garages round east Sussex area
  11. reflexboy

    Shops Easter opening

    Happy Easter everyone! Does anyone know if B&Q and Pets at Home are open today, Easter Monday, because as usual, their websites have no particular info?
  12. The _Don

    Best buy to close all shops :O)

    BBC News - Carphone Warehouse to close all 11 Best Buy shops Good riddance - i price matched these guys numerous times ( i sell tv's etc ) :D One less to worry about.
  13. Palfrem

    HMRC & Police raids on illicit alcohol shops

    Now, call me a simple soul, but if I was planning to raid premises in the hope of catching suplliers and retailers of dodgy booze, I may be tempted to keep my mouth shut until after the raids...? BBC News - Customs raids target shops selling counterfeit alcohol
  14. M

    Paint Shops

    Anyone know of any reasonably priced paint shops based in newcastle upon tyne area as looking at getting some paintwork renovation done in the near future Thanks Rob
  15. SilverSaloon

    rules on stopping outside shops, loading vehicle

    hi is there a time-window that vehicles are allowed to stop outside shops for business purposes; ie loading/unloading the vehicle? cheers Derek.
  16. chriswt

    Mercedes accessory shops! Where are they all?

    BMW, Saab, Jaguar, Ford et al seem to have plenty of online accessory shops where you can by genuine and aftermarket accessories but I can't find any for Mercs. I'm after a new gear knob for my CLK preferably in grey leather with birdseye maple but I can't find a thing in the uk! Do I...
  17. Crazyjester900

    What i found in the shops today - A must see!!

    ok i don't profess to know everything about MB's. but i try to educate myself as much as i can... For the life of me i can't say i've ever heard of this model?? :rolleyes: What next...............
  18. Gucci

    Way off topic: Who shops at Holland & Barrett?

    Apart from Kim Wilde! This is a work question as I disagree with the kind of shop this is. He classes this as a 'value led' store. I think it's a lifestyle store that has lost its way. Windows always slashing prices etc etc which I think cheapen the brand. What are your thoughts?
  19. MikeL

    Gatwick S. Terminal Shops

    Hi, Anyone know of any iPod stockists (apart from Dixons) that sell iPods in Gatwick Duty Free, South Terminal? Cheers
  20. M

    Body shops!

    Hi I am a new member - I have joined having read with great interest a discussion regarding the quality of work carried out at a MB approved body shop. Basically I have had the same problems, with very poor quality work carried out on my car. I have been told by MB (after much telephoning) to...
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