1. @MARK

    Short Term Lease

    Is anybody aware of any good short term lease deals kicking about right now. Need something with quick delivery and ideally for to 12 month Cheers
  2. Rashman

    Short notice meet-up tonight (sat 30/6)

    I may be meeting Ricky at bluewater this evening for a catch-up and a coffee if anyone fancies it. I'm hoping to hear from Ricky alittle later today but if Ricky can't make it, I'm happy to still head up there if anyone is keen. :thumb:
  3. Nik_Endeavour

    Osbourne short of money??

    BBC News - Fixed Penalty Notice motoring fines may rise to £90
  4. S

    A very nice, if short, evening drive....

    Tonight sums up nice car ownership. The evening was lovely, so I headed on a small run round the Loch. On the way I thought I would take a picture of Faslane The boys in blue came past and asked me a few questions and asked to see the pictures, fair enough, its a military base. I duly...
  5. D

    C180 - Short Notice

    But how cheap? MERCEDES C180 AUTO /// BARGAIN \\\\ HAVE A LOOK AT LISTING. | eBay need to keep hand out of pocket...

    A short but sad story for Christmas

    :DI defy you to read this without laughing:D This is the story of Rindercella and her sugly isters. Rindercella and her sugly isters lived in a marge lansion. Rindercella worked very hard frubbing sloors, emptying poss pits, and shivelling shot. At the end of the day, she...
  7. developer

    Life's Too Short

    Stood a chance of being funny if The Office had never been written. Talk about formula acting/humour - it's identical. Shame on you Ricky :mad:
  8. D

    Having 2 cars for a short amount of time? Bad idea or any way to keep the cost down?

    The plan was to sell the current car, and buy something bigger and more powerful. The market is currently over saturated, and I am really struggling to attract any attention, when there are some good deals to be had on the cars I want. It may take a while till the day I sell, and then I...
  9. jaymanek

    Where to go on a short break?

    Mid/End september in the car with our 3 month old baby. Done Devon/Cornwall, Done Wales.. Not that keen on Lake District... Thinking - Scotland (not the major cities) as I havent seen much of it and im inspired by ***'s posts, but will it be warm towards end of september? - New Forest, -...
  10. smillion

    Short video of my Maserati Quattroporte - courtesy of my son Charlie

    My son Charlie asked to record the car for a school project; to make a video using different techniques. Well this was the result of Sundays's brief recordong and i think he did quite well - considering he doesn't have a video camera and he was using his Panasonic Bridge camera that is really...
  11. verytalldave

    Short film from 1906.....................

    Shows Traffic in San Francisco, USA. Amazing how crowded the roads are. Apparently this is the very first film shot in 35mm. Well worth watching...................:thumb: YouTube - Air - La Femme D'Argent More info............ THIS IS REALLY UNBELIEVABLE! NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS, NO RULES...
  12. Charles Morgan

    Insurance for overseas visitors - short term cover

    A friend (a Singaporean resident in the UK) who is joining me on a wine trip to France (along with 6 others) in May has a brother joining him from Singapore for the trip. He has a clean Singapore licence. Unfortunately my friend's insurers aren't willing to consider cover, so does anybody know...
  13. M

    Short intro

    Hi everyone Let me start by introducing my cars My wife runs a 1999 slk which we have had for about 10 years Trouble free until the central locking pump died last week I have a 280 sl 1970 perhaps beter known as a pagoda roof Imported from the usa with 2 previous owners I would like to be...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG - 3D Short Film on Sky3D 14/08/10 in a Pub Near You

    Mercedes SLS AMG trailers for 3D film On Sky3D This Sunday Car fans in the UK who live near a pub with Sky 3D television will get the chance to check out a short film of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on Sunday. Called "Manx Meister", it features former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard pushing...
  15. R

    New Battery not Charging but Alternator "Fine"

    Hi, I recently posted a question about removing the ignition barrel on the w123. Thanks to you guys, I got it out then jump started the car and tried to charge it up. The battery is not charging up properly. After a good long drive, the car died as I was parking it. 20 minutes later, measured...
  16. MD5

    X10 TTT on short retention for sale

    X10 TTT on retention for sale. Needs renewing/reassigining by 14th July. After this time, a renewal fee of £25 is payable, and will be added to the asking price. Only three left (*10 TTT) at DVLA. £225 + £25 transfer fee, to include assignment fee and used number plates. I imagine I can...
  17. Honey Bear

    the short Merc history of a newbie

    Hello all, My name is Ricardo. I'm 21 and live in central-ish London. I drive a 1995 M plated w202 c200 elegance manual. It is Azurite blue, with matching blue leather and suede on the inside (including carpets and key fob). To my knowledge most of it is stock, however the original owners did...
  18. merc180k

    Short Premier league footballers???

    Guys/gals, I'm needing a bit of help here. We have decided to have an interoffice fantasy league and I'd love to take part but am at a disadvantage in that I don't know anything about the English Premier League footballers. I have also decided to go for a comedy twist in my team - no...
  19. M

    Can you tax a vehicle on short term Insurance?

    Hi, Tax is about to run out on daughters Car which she no longer uses (has another), I've been running about in it as 3rd party insured through my own car insurance. Question is, can I tax it with one of those 28 day temp insurance policies? Thanks.
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