1. Satch

    Short clip on parallel parking skills :D
  2. I

    [ECU] Short circuit to ground -> What does it mean?

    [ECU] Short circuit to positive -> What does it mean? Hello experts, I have sent my ECU to German for repair. When the ECU has been repaired and returned, I asked my Merc Specialist Mechanic to install the ECU. But there is an error sounds like this: "IFZ: Short circuit to positive"...
  3. R

    Short write ups on CLS & CLK 63 AMG's

    Surprisingly not much diffrence in power!
  4. grober

    Short ML video+review on 4CAR

    There is a short video test drive and longer review on the new ML on the 4car web site.
  5. T

    Short Trips

    Hi guys, have a question to ask, a mate of mine has a E reg w124 300d,has to do about 4-5 miles every day for school runs (return trip) takes between 25 - 40mins(depending on traffic), he works from home, has to park the car untill evening and do the same in the evening.the question is will that...
  6. D

    W202 - Awkward driving position for short drivers?

    Are there any female 5ft drivers of the W202 out there? Can you drive the c-class w202 comfortably? I am asking on behalf of my petite wife who is 5 foot. With the seat fully forward and adjusted as comfortably as possible, she still cannot reach the pedals adequately. She is able to drive...
  7. A

    S65 short video...
  8. jimmy

    Stealer has me by the short & curlies!!

    Some of you may remember I had a problem when I bought my car in that the horn would sound whenever I removed the key from the ignition. This was diagnosed by an auto electrician as a faulty front SAM unit. When I spoke to my local dealer they confirmed that this is a common problem and the...
  9. K

    Short Legs

    Hello everyone. I have just bought my E300 TD estate Auto and everything is great except for one small niggle. There is no steering wheel adjustment on this model and after getting the best driving position (for me) I find that I am having to stretch to comfortably depress the throttle. I am a...
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