1. fab1975

    360° camera shortage?

    Hi guys, I have eventually decided to jump ship and buy my first Mercedes! After 10 years of driving Audis I wanted to try something new and treat myself to my first automatic car, which for me was an even bigger step than betraying Audi. Here are the specs of the new beast: C 300...
  2. B

    W203 - back box worldwide shortage???

    Unfortunately, the back box fell off my C180K this week :mad: - got about 10 minutes warning of the exhaust blowing before it hit the deck. Local, well respected, exhaust fitters couldn't source the part, so phoned the local Indie who then told me he'd have to order it in and he'd phone me back...
  3. B

    Sport plus order... Shortage on black and silver wheels

    I have just ordered a white sport plus... Luckily mine has come from stock, so I will get it shortly. Although a number of salesmen we telling customers that they are having issues with the wheels. So are shipping them with full black wheels. Anyone else heard this???
  4. A

    Fuel shortage?

    Hello While having breakfast and watching the news this morning there was a report about fuel shortage..over the bank holiday weekend. Basically the AA have said do not panic buy. __________________________________________________________ So there I am sat there having my toast not...
  5. steve333

    Diesel shortage?

    Had to drive to 3 different filling stations earlier today to find diesel,is it panic buying after a refinery going into administration the other day?
  6. A

    Paint Shortage?

    I have an E350 Cdi Saloon on order, with a build date of 7th June. I had picked Tenorite Grey as the colour, but I've now been notified that this colour won't be possible due to a shortage of paint because of the situation in Japan. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. Palfrem

    Oil shortage - the truth at last

    A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in the UK Well, there's a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil ! We just didn't know we were getting low. The reason for that is purely geographical. Fact 1: Our OIL is located in The North Sea...
  8. Ade B

    Petrol Shortage

    This could be in the wrong place but a quick response would be useful.. I'm heading up north this evening to my folks in South Cheshire. Has the petrol frenzy got that far south yet - Down here in South London seems fine at the moment but I'll need to top up on the way back and don't want to...
  9. smillion

    Nintendo wii shortage

    Started window shopping for the wii for my son's Christmas present and realise that most high street stores and websites have sold out !! Just bought one on e-bay as there are LOADS for sale brand new. No doubt all with a healthy mark-up. Anyone recommend good games to suit the wii? Thanks
  10. C

    Desparate shortage of info.

    Desperate shortage of info. Hello, all. Yes, this is my first plea for help here, although guydewney helped me elsewhere. My problem is that I am desperately short if info. I recently aquired an Aug. '97 C250TD auto. estate, but it had no owners handbook/manual, and as a consequense I am...
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