1. I

    Shortest Ebay description?

    I know brevity is supposedly the Soul of Wit, but does it help to sell?? Mercedes E220 saloon 1994 72K miles, 12 months MOT | eBay “Collection only, No return, Paypal only“. OK, perhaps “One Careful Owner” is the description. That makes it shorter! Have Ebay started charging by...
  2. Alex

    Shortest Car Ad Ever?

    Check this out guys. I'm sure it will sell quick. AMG Mercedes ML55 silver | eBay UK
  3. bpsorrel

    Shortest ever holiday!

    We're back at home!!! Went to Heathrow this morning - - never seen anything like it!! We weren't even alowed into the terminal!! In the end, my wife contacted Lufthansa in Moscow (!! they weren't answering calls in UK!!) and got us booked onto a BA flight tomorrow afternoon! Not sure if...
  4. Howard

    Shortest boat ever to do Atlantic Crossing :crazy:
  5. BTB 500

    House buying: shortest time between exchange of contracts and completion?

    I still have some stuff stored in the loft of a house that's just been sold, subject to contract / survey etc. I will need to rent storage space for it, which is going to cost me £100 or so a month. So I don't want to move it till I have to. There's no chain involved in the house sale -...
  6. C

    shortest time of having car??

    hi there my names Mark, About a week and a bit ago i bought myself a CLk320 cabriolet 1999. picked the car up on a thursday lunch time from mercedes benz of bristol (car came from mercedes benz of south end) i work as a nightclub manager in south devon so took the car to work showing it off, on...
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