1. del320

    Wish I had taken some 'before' shots.

    I've always thought there's been a bit of kidology surrounding cleaners and polishes. Because I always keep my car fastidiously clean it's been hard to judge just how effective products are. It hasn't stopped me having the full range of Autoglym potions which I used to staggering effect on my...
  2. glojo

    Stunning F1 camera shots

    I am just watching the German F1 qualifying and some of the onboard video footage is mind blowing. If this was ever shown on High Definition TV, I would go out and buy a set straight away. Brilliant footage from Webbers car :cool: :) :bannana: John
  3. grober

    New Cclass video shots.

    Some video of the new 2008 C class testing at Nurburg ring. I couldnt get any sound but elsewhere it implies the car was using the 3.5 v6. the car is heavily disguised but you can see the new headlight outline and a rear end very similar to the present model...
  4. com

    Canary Wharf Motorexpo 2005 (MB shots 56k warn)

    Just wondering if anyone else on here popped along ? Was not a bad show considering it was free. Quite a lot of people but yet well spaced out to prevent too much bumping into others. At the MB booth the biggest attraction was probably the CLS while overall I would say it was the Aston booth...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    NEW STARWARS EP3 shots - Spoilers!

    Check these out, thats some space battle:
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