1. zenman63

    Monsoon shower pump, new for sale

    I have here a Monsoon 2 bar shower twin impeller pump new never fitted, box got wet in the rain so no box. Cost trade £289 plus vat looking for £200 plus any post.
  2. AnimMerc

    Taurid Meteor Shower

    Taurid Metoer Shower visible tonight 11/11/16 if skies are clear. Supermoon Monday 14/11/16 the same.
  3. JLR1969

    Steam shower advice

    Bathroom is being replaced and I am able to use the cable that powered the old jacuzzi bath and whilst the floor is up extend it and use it to power a steam cabin instead. Does anyone have one? Any recommendations? i see that they have fans in the roof but am wondering if the steam would...
  4. stwat


    You can't beat an early of the hours shower with the setting on mist and fully hot. Insomnia breeds these habits.
  5. M

    Stone designesr shower tray - new

    Surplus to requirements a new 800 x 800 low profile shower tray. Bought from Victoria Plumb and only selling because we had to get another one when this got lost in transit! ... _2550.html A really good quality tray and perfect condition except the...
  6. Tan

    Electric shower

    Hi I have to replace an electric shower that has gone faulty in one of our flats, the current one is 7.5kW but most of the ones that I can get locally are 8.5kW can this be used on the same cabling, or will this need to be upgraded? For ease, I would rather not upgrade the cabling and just...
  7. Spinal

    Shower Pump

    I'm getting a shower pump fitted (negative head, twin pump) and after looking around seem to have these brands shortlisted: Grundfos Amazon 4.0 (brass) Techflow QT120TNH Negative Head Twin Pump 3.3 Bar (just over minimum) Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 4.5 bar Stuart Turner Monsoon...
  8. mercmanuk

    mira advance thermostatic electric shower

    brand new boxed,over ordered on a job these cost retail £400 2 yr warranty £150 ebay link if a member wants it i'll end the ebay auction MIRA ADVANCE THERMOSTATIC ATL BOXED NEW on eBay (end time 05-Apr-11 20:08:36 BST)
  9. Horrgakx

    DIY expert? Shower re-grout advice

    The time has come to re-grout my shower. It's a double size rectangular. I have no idea where to start or what materials I need. Also I need to take off the shower control thing which doesn't look easy :/ All advice taken with thanks :) Dave
  10. jaymanek

    Self Enclosed Shower Cubicle

    Hi Guys, Completely revamping our ensuite next month and we need a completely self enclosed shower cubicle. Its going smack bang in the centre of the room. Looking for something a little different/interesting... All the ones I can find are simply cubes with frosted glass... Anyone know...
  11. blondebier

    Perseid shower

    Did anyone gaze into the night sky to watch this last night? We did and I am happy to say that we saw 5 shooting stars! Here's a link to a BBC article if you're interested in finding out a bit more about it : BBC News - Meteor spectacle 'set to dazzle' The experts reckon they hit our...
  12. del320

    HM R&C are a flamin' shower...

    Couple of weeks ago the brown envelope fell onto the mat. Our friends in HMRC informed wifey that her coding was changing to D0 and she would enjoy paying a higher rate towards Gordon's war chest - despite being retired since 2002. As she naturally gets apprehensive about "official" stuff, I...
  13. mercmanuk

    Mira Advance atl flex shower

    Brand new electric shower top of the range. information taken fron the mira website rrp £445 will accept £200 ovno Mira Advance ATL Flex (9.0kW)Safe, precise, thermostatically controlled showering for total peace of mind. Inclusively designed for easy use by everyone. Advance ATL Flex is...
  14. A

    Anything to help get rid of shower grout ?

    Hello Nice horrible job ahead, shower needs all the old stuff dug out and re-doing. Previously I've just dug it out / scrapped it off with various there anything that helps losen the grout to ease my horrible job :) thanks
  15. mercmanuk

    mira advance shower rail kits,the best available

    I HAVE 20 LEFT THAT ARE IN THE WAY OPEN TO OFFERES Mira advance atl flex complete shower rail kit smooth slide bar with easy glide operation chrome effect finish friction clamp bracket means easy one handed operation easy height adjustment extra long 2m hose 3 position adjustable head...
  16. S

    Stuart Turner showermate shower pump

    The pump is pulsing when the shower is turned on. The pump is connected to three showers (never all used at once) and they all behave the same so it is not a restriction in the shower head or pipe. If you hold a magnet next to the end of the pump it works fine. I have had conflicting advice of...
  17. E

    SHOWER men v women!
  18. SilverSaloon

    reparing plastic shower tray

    hi in my caravan i have a plastic shower tray that is a compilcated shape - it has minor cracks in it. due to the shape only a genuine new OEM part will fit. At over £200. My question is does anyone know a company or tricks to fix a plastic shower tray..? ideally from underneath...
  19. robert.saunders

    Portable Car Shower

    Is it me or is this fab? Beats Clarkson's efforts on his USA trip I think. Actually, I think this has merit for surfer types (I used to be one :rolleyes:)
  20. D

    Shower woes...

    Hi all, I have a Triton HP thermostatic mixed shower and a Vokera mynute 20se System boiler. Lately I have noticed that the shower is not hot at all anymore, and pressure of the hot water that comes out is not that much. Had this shower for over 7 years and think it needs replaced. The hot...
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