1. reflexboy

    TPMS only showing in Kpa

    Hi all-Our MY2014 SLK has TPMS but I can only get it to display the tyre pressures in Kpa, not PSi. I have been through the menus on the cluster and can't find an option to change this. Any ideas please?
  2. B

    W203 2001 display is not showing total Km ?

    Hi I have bought a 2001 W203 180 coupe, as a none runner I replaced the front SAM, the ignition switch, steering lock, and ECU. The car starts and runs great now, but I have no display of the total Km covered, the trip meter shows the trip Km, but I just have 6 lines where the total Km...
  3. N

    CD not showing on audio menu COMAND

    On a 2005 CLK200 with COMAND, when the AUDIO menu is selected RADIO appears on LHS at top, CD appears underneath but is greyed out. The car has an in dash CD player. Please could someone advise how to get the CD active.
  4. mpc

    Comand USB - Not All Folders Showing?

    I have put all my music on a USB but not all the folders are showing in Comand. I have 8 folders - ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQR STU VWXYZ Within each folder I have the albums of the different artists by name. Comand only shows the first 5 folders (ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL & MNO), why is this...
  5. B

    CLK280 2006 - Fault codes P0025, P0128, P2767 showing - help please

    Hi, I recently had my CLK280 2006 (3L Petrol) car scanned because the Engine light had come on, it threw up three fault codes - the details are: - Continuous camshaft adjustment (left) : incorrect position of the exhaust camshaft (P0025) - Component Y110 (Three - disk thermostat valve) jams...
  6. A

    Mercedes W204 Showing Fault Codes B275113,B005213

    fault code on reader B275113 The Squib for the side bag "front passenger" has a malfunction.there is an open circuit Fault code B005213 The belt buckle front passenger has malfunction There is an open circuit Just a bit of background i changed the seats in my w204 ( 2008 c220 cdi) the new...
  7. A

    mercedes w204 showing fault code B275113

    fault code on reader B275113 The Squib for the side bag "front passenger" has a malfunction.there is an open circuit Fault code B005213 The belt buckle front passenger has malfunction There is an open circuit Just a bit of background i changed the seats in my w204 ( 2008 c220 cdi) the new...
  8. D

    Audio 20 not showing updated iphone playlists

    I spent some time changing my iPhone playlists last night, but when I jumped in the car this morning Audio 20 decided that it rather liked my old playlists and only shows those. I figure that Audio 20 is caching the data from my phone so it doesn't have to re-read it whenever I get in the car...
  9. K

    COMAND NTG 4.5 REC showing on display

    I have a 2014 E class which I think has the NTG 4.5 Comand as it takes an SD card. I have had the car nearly a year and suddenly at the bottom of the display in the middle there is a red dot and the letters REC in red also. I have checked the manual and cannot find any reference to it and played...
  10. J

    C180 not showing gear selection or w/s mode

    Hi guys I've just bought a 2001 c180 (w203) and I thought all was well until my dad (who's had mercedes for years) took it for a drive and noticed that the mfd doesn't show what gear is selected or what w/s mode is selected, he also noticed that the car doesn't seem to shift into 5th so it's...
  11. D

    Brochure for 2011- CLS (C218) showing options

    Where can I find a sales brochure for a 2011- CLS (C218) with details of all of the optional extras, paint, etc. that were available at the time of original purchase? Thanks
  12. Aletank

    IE Favourites Not Showing

    I'm not sure what I've done but when I click my Favourites Tab it just shows - Feeds For UK & Microsoft Feeds. My Favourites Bar at the top is there but no Favourites Bar folder showing in the Favourites Tab. If I click the Favourites Tab then Organise Favourites, the box that pops up shows...
  13. ioweddie

    A whale showing its appreciation after being freed from fishing nets

    You may have seen this, but well worth a watch
  14. johnsco

    Is scotland showing us the way ?

    What do you think ? Well said George. No wonder landowners are scared. We are starting to learn who owns Britain | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
  15. S

    Command sat nav showing speed limit possible?

    My previous car's in built sat nav showed the speed limit on the map and in the centre of dash display. I noticed that I missed the speed/traffic sign option in the extras list when ordering, so option to display in dash is not an available, but is there a way to display the speed limit on the...
  16. Dave Richardson

    Faulty reading showing on fuel gauge

    Been a week of hassles, and to complicate things today I added 20ltrs of petrol into my diesel car.:doh: The fuel gauge was fine & working without any problem. The car was recovered & the Green flag agents disconnected a pipe at the fuel filter & sucked out some fuel with an inline...
  17. lexman8

    CL500 fault codes showing

    Engine management light on. Logged faults are: P0130 O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1) P0150 O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 1) These 'pending' faults are also showing: P0136 O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 2) P0156 O2 Sensor Circuit...
  18. K

    E350 (W207) sat nav showing incorrect current location

    Hi guys, Hope you can help, I recently purchased a E350 from dealer and sat nav was working fine and a couple days later it started showing my current location as being 100 miles away! I went into engineering mode in COMAND and set it to my current location and started working fine and...
  19. B

    MaxiScan showing generic fault codes

    Having purchased a MaxiScan MS309 I thought I would plug in and see what it throws up. First of all I have no faults or check lights coming on the cars display. The engine is running smooth and strong. So I was just seeing what the unit is like in use. Anyway to my surprise it detected 2...
  20. P

    Comand Bluetooth not showing caller names

    Hi everyone, I'm back with my W219 '08 CLS63 AMG that I bought last November :devil: I have an issue that has developed with the MB Bluetooth, the Comand screen is no longer displaying the name of the inbound caller, it just displays the number. I took it down to MB last week and the tech...
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