1. simon1966

    Thanks to the Eurocharged boys for getting me out of the Sh*t

    Well I should have said thanks to the Eurocharged young man (Andy) and old git (Paul):D My old bus let me down on Monday for the first time in 4.5 years:mad: I set off early and on starting the car got the message saying convenience functions disabled. Now I have seen this message many...
  2. developer

    CL500 - classy to sh*t in one mod.

    Oh dear: Mercedes-Benz CL CL500 2dr Auto 5.0
  3. developer

    Sneaky Little Sh*t Scratches My Car

    :devil: There I am, hanging nets at the window in a flat (just call me Mabel), when a guy reverses into the space behind my car. He looked bl**dy close - too close to the bumper corner. He got out of his car, folded both his mirrors (manually) and then walked to the back of my car. Guess...
  4. flango

    Why do MB Dealers treat you like sh*t ?

    Been this morning to enquire about the E class coupe so I'm looking at a £40k spend, the salesman could not remove his head from his backside long enough to be even bothered to talk to me. Totally useless asked for the sales manager and got some pratt who knew nothing about the car, couldn't...
  5. B

    Window Shopping - 2005/06 CLK55 AMG (W209) - As rare as rocking horse sh*t?

    Hi Lads/Ladies, I'm currently in the process of scouring the internet for 2005/2006 CLK55's just to build up an ideal of what I will be faced with when I'm ready to buy one later this year. I think I'm looking in all the right places i.e. Classified here, AutoTrader, Pistonheads, Exchange &...
  6. Doodle

    Well, someone's in deep sh*t...

    On her way to work today, the other half comes round a sweeping curve on the fast A road to find some prat trying to overtake another car coming towards her on her side of the road. She bangs the brakes on and slithers into the verge, and the idiot misses her by about half an inch. The van...
  7. R

    Paint Damaged by Bird Sh*t

    On Thursday after coming back to the car after work, there was a great big bird sh*t on the bonnet about 2.5" diameter. What with one thing and another I didnt get aroung to cleaning it off until today. When I eventually managed to clean it all off (it was well stuck on), to my horror it had...
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