1. M

    Viano W639 3.0 V6 Auto - Hissing, Jerking & Shuddering... Help

    Hello everyone... After searching and testing driving far too many Vianos for the past 8 months, we finally got one we were happy with... however after a week of driving we have noticed a few problems and wondered if someone could guide us in the right direction? We bought a 2008 Viano...
  2. K

    C220 Shuddering when stopping

    I have recently purchased a C220 CDI AMG Sport Plus Auto - 2012 model. The car has FMBSH. I noticed yesterday on two occasions that when I braked at traffic lights the car seemed to shudder slightly, it was like the car did not change down gears correctly. Anyone have any idea what this...
  3. R

    Shuddering !

    Hi Everyone, My Merc (auto) is behaving erratically, once driven a short distance of around 6 miles, once stopped with engine still running the needle of the speedo fluctuates up and down at 500-700 revs, car then starts to shudder quite dramatically. Have 3 times now taken this into indi to...
  4. D

    Shuddering at 70+ MPH - STAR says TC slipping ? - 2001 E230 CDI S210

    S210 - E320 CDI 2001 facelift (registered 2002 if it makes any difference !) My car has been suffering from shuddering issue for a while now. I've changed many parts which all have had a big affect on symptoms. Originally I had vibration during breaking, at low speeds as well as 70 + MPH...
  5. G

    shuddering at 40 goes away at 50

    hi im new to this so , i have a 2004 vito 111 cdi it has rear wheel drive there is a shudering happenin at about 40 then goes away tried the obvious buckled wheel got them aligned same prob i got an mot done before i bought it but it has plenty old one left there was 1 advisory that there...
  6. D

    Shuddering when braking - Clk 430

    Was out and about yesterday in the clk, the car started to shudder when i started to brake.. its quite a harsh shudder, the harder you brake the worse it gets and at high speeds when your braking is even worse!! Any ideas?? i know i need new discs and pads but surely this isnt the cause?? :mad:
  7. W

    E320 shuddering

    I think I have the same issue.I was told by MB that there was water in the gear-box and that the Rad and Torque-converter need replacing. They did say that the issue was'nt too serious just yet but still managed to quote 3000 euros to fix it. Converter 900e Radiator 600e Labour 1 grand?!!! and...
  8. D

    S320CDI Shuddering

    Hi, I have had a problem with my S320 for several months now. Initially, I posted regarding possible MAF problems, this has been changed but the problem is still there. Essentially, there is a shuddering which seems to go from the drivers floorpan right through to the rear of the car. This...
  9. shazAMG

    Window Shuddering

    Not sure where to post this, but both my windows (CLK w208) shudder when they go up? I take it they need lubricating but where and how? Thanks
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Major shuddering + bolt found in road!!!

    Today I drove round and noticed the car was starting to shudder everytime I pressed the accelerator. After a few miles I turned a corner and heard a loud 'ting ting' looked in the mirror only to find this lying in the road, still very warm: Now it can managed about 30Mph max :(...
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