1. D

    Happy birthday Shude...

    ...wherever you are?! :D
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday Shude!

    Happy Birthday Nick. :thumb:
  3. ringway

    Happy Birthday Shude!

    Happy Birthday Nick. :thumb::thumb:
  4. Ian B Walker


    Yes Shude is alive and well :D. He is currently sat in my office drinking my coffee :( Demanding hobnobs (out of stock again). Shame he is still Merc less, but talking of something quite nice. :thumb:
  5. ringway

    Happy Birthday Shude.

    Happy Birthday Shude. :thumb:
  6. L

    Att! Att! Shude breaking the c230k

    Hello there cant pm u as im a new member,im really intrested in the c230k auto gearbox,you said that you are not sure of condition of the gearbox how come?,has it been damaged in the crash,was it working fine before, an is there any way off testing it,how much would you want for it,cheers lee
  7. purplegoddess

    happy birthday shude!!

    happy birthday hun :D
  8. NW_Merc

    For Nick Shude to go with Comand

    mercedes clk instrument cluster/ speedo clocks on eBay (end time 12-Sep-09 17:54:18 BST)
  9. pammy

    Happy birthday Shude...

    Have a great day Nick - doing owt nice?:bannana: :bannana:
  10. Ian B Walker

    Hello Shude

    You want it when? :rolleyes::p Ok kidding, ready tomorrow. We have it down to a fine art now, sub frame out in less that hour and a half. Back in in under an hour. Easier on a 202 than on a 124 and no mistake. And all this just to renew a brake line :eek:
  11. Gollom

    Anybody heard from Shude?

    Not posted for a while and I'm trying to find out about the Woodvale GTG. :confused:
  12. C43AMG

    Part No for 18" Monoblock ? (Shude)

    N/S Front wheel went into pothole and buckled the front wheel, as you know i have 18" Mononblock's on my C43. I want to get a quote from MB on the price so i can send the bill to my local council. Many thanks in advance if you know Shude.
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Happy Birthday Shude!

    Have a great day.
  14. stats007

    What's happeneded to Shude?

    Is it me or has he disappeared?
  15. Thmsshaun

    Need a favour (Shude) Photoshopping.

    Could someone photoshop a set of Brabus Monobloc VI onto my car please. This is probably the best pic to use. Very rough shop and they lowered it a bit
  16. pammy

    Shude (28)tony0710 (38), Mike ML (29),

    :bannana: :bannana: lots of happy birthday guys today :bannana: :bannana:
  17. R

    What happened to Shude?

    Anyone heard from Shude recently? No one seems to know. Hope you are OK m8!?
  18. PJH

    Shude PM box full......

    Shude has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space. Shude, In your HOWTO install command in a W202, How much did the unit cost ? Father-in-law wants SAT NAV in his S...
  19. portzy

    Q. For Shude?

    I've done a trawl of the Forum to see if this 'EPC' is something which is accesible by everyone or, question for Shude, is this something you have been able to get hold of by other means?. Does it have all the parts for all the cars in it? Please accept my lack of knowledge in this subject...
  20. Spinal

    Installing Shude's Pedals on a W202!

    A (hopefully) nice HOWTO on installing Shudes nice pedals on my W202. Sorry to Iyse, but I couldn't resist typing this! Items needed: (Make sure you have all the necessary, BEFORE you start) - 4 alloy pedals (accelerator, clutch, brake, and hand foot brake) - Smallish Flat screwdriver -...
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