1. mpc

    SD Card - Possible to shuffle songs?

    Is it possible to shuffle songs when playing music from an SD card? If so, how?
  2. corned

    iPod Shuffle and W211

    Hi all. 1. I have a W211 (2005 model) with COMAND APS. There is an AUX input hiding in the glovebox. 2. Last night, I won and iPod Shuffle in a raffle. Yay! 3. How easy is it to marry the two - i.e. is there any point in prolonging the vain hope that all I have to do is buy a suitable...
  3. Howard

    Ipod shuffle for sale

    Hi everyone, A mate bought me back a 512mb Ipod shuffle from America a few weeks back... I had asked him on impulse. But in all honesty i just can't see when i am ever going to use it :rolleyes: I don't like not being able to hear what is going on around me ! Would anyone be...
  4. scotth_uk

    So today I bought an iPod Shuffle and a Shuttle Express

    :-) I just keep on buying stuff everytime I go to the apple store in Regent St. Bought the 1GB iPod Shuffle today, mainly to use as a USB memory dongle thing-o for work, with the added bonus of iPod functionality. £99 all in. Styling unit! Also bought a...
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