1. D

    Auto switch egr shunt off/on after warm up

    I've got a bit of spare time coming up and looking to expand the egr shunt mod so its off until engine is warm. I'm not in the UK these days and where I am in winter can be -20 for a good month so getting warm up times back to pre shunt would be ideal. I've searched long and hard but can't...
  2. F

    Rear end shunt, driver's electric seat stopped working

    After a rear end shunt (only slight cosmetic damage) the driver's electric seat memory was lost and the seat will no longer move backwards. The passenger side is fine, all other driver's side functions work (forward, up, down, tilt back, tilt forward) but the seat will not go back. I have only...
  3. M

    Help with C270 ECU location and pinout for EGR Shunt

    Good Morning, I can see much has been written about the EGR system, but I cant find specifics to help me fit the EGR shunt to my C270 W203 model, I built the circuit provided by "Diesel Man" Can anyone help with a pinout of the ECU wiring?? I'm not even sure im looking at the ECU (top...
  4. jay1983

    ml270 egr shunt (confused)

    is it possible to delete the egr on my car as its the pre-facelift model with the vacuum operated egr? most shunt threads ive looked at involve soldering a resister but i dont think i can do it on mine. sorry for being thick, im good at bolting things on and takings things off but when it...
  5. scumbag

    Shunt- The story of James Hunt

    To save you the trouble. Don't buy this book! Aside from the fact that it is called the story of James Hunt, 2 entire chapters are dedicated to Niki Lauda. With respect to Niki (and the interesting chapters they are) it has nothing to do with James. And it is also not "approved" by the...
  6. johnpidge

    Drive line shunt on CLK55 208

    Now with the car back after doing the wings (I promise I will post pics when I get a chance) but have started to notice a little drive line shunt - going on and off the gas at 10 -15mph in stop start traffic - sounds mild distant thud - not when pulling away or when at speed. I cannot find any...
  7. P

    Rear-end shunt - bonnet bent !

    Was'nt a huge collison but it seems to have bent my grille slightly and forced the bonnet up about an inch or so. No damage to paintwork.... Can this sort of thing be 'straightened' or are we looking at new bonnet ?
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