1. S

    2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi Sliding Door Alarm Buzzing When Doors Are Shut

    Hi, I have a 2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi 62 plate that has an intermittent issue with its sliding doors. Sometimes when I pick a passenger up and close the door the door that has been opened is reported to be still open on the dashboard and the buzzer sounds. Sometimes it's a case of...
  2. T

    S211 boot won't lock shut

    On my s211 E320 went to close boot earlier, pressed button and it closes ok but instead of pulling last bit closed and locking it just opens again, closing by hand it won't lock down either, it did make a funny clicking kind of sound when it opened, any suggestions what problem could be? Cheers
  3. N

    OM606 EPC light on after shut off valve O ring replacement.

    A friend has a '98 W210 E300 TD saloon that had a pretty bad leak from the O ring on the fuel shut off valve. He replaced the O ring, put everything back together & after a lot of cranking the car fired up. He nearly flattened the 210's battery, then hooked a running car up to the 210's battery...
  4. M

    Bonnet jammed shut W(C) 124 230CE

    I recently pulled the bonnet release latch inside me C124, it responded with a 'twang!' and now the release isn't engaging with any cable. I'm guessing the cable is snapped or has become disengaged in some way.... Essentially the bonnet is now stuck shut. I'd like to get the bonnet open (since...
  5. A

    Help!! Can't shut boot ...

    Main battery on CLS55 dead. Won't take a charge from my charger anymore. I can't shut the boot however, it just bounces off the lock. Doesn't make any difference whether I put in the emergency key or not and turn while shutting, doesn't matter if I try to activate the mechanism while open...
  6. SpoonJar

    Oh Shut Up !!!

    What is it with some C63 owners and revving their engines over and over?. Look at me, shouty, shouty. Esxg_4r_vUY
  7. lfckeeper

    Cut and shut

    On may way to work this morning I saw a W218 behind me....that was until it went passed and I saw it was actually a W219 with what looked like 218 headlights. Am I losing the plot or is this conversion/aftermarket part available ?
  8. poormansporsche

    Electric Gurus - Relay needed to shut of Amp ????

    I have a Head unit with built in bluetooth and is rubbish so I have a parrot fitted - which works fine but the head unit has no "mute" wire. The Parrot stops the sound to my speakers when I receive a call but does not stop the sound to my subs as they go direct by the rca leads. So what I want...
  9. B

    W211 boot wont stay shut

    hi car 04 E320 CDI estate im having problems with my boot not shutting. over a year ago the soft close stopped working and today the boot wont stay shut. it shuts fully but the catch doesnt engage and i get the red boot open warning on the dash. any ideas what to do, cant find a way...
  10. J

    w124 doors wont shut easily :(

    Hi Guys I have a 1989 W124 230e saloon and I am having problems closing the doors easily :( Give them a good hard slam from inside and they are fine likewise shut the doors from outside and swing them shut quickly with some momentum and they shut fine ;) I used to have a 190d and you could...
  11. L

    B180 buzzing noise after shut down

    Hi Chaps Can anyone help me? I have a B CLASS B180, 2012, PETROL When i shut he engine off I hear a loud buzzing noise from the engine bay it only lasts around 2 to 3 seconds The noise is not there when engine is running its almost like its purging air once engine is shut down...
  12. K

    W163 Inlet Port Shut Off Motor Advice

    Guys, looking for some guidance on what to do here. Have a 2002 ML270 with the dreaded power loss issue that's been diagnosed as the Inlet Port Shut Off Motor. I have a few options available to me. New part from Merc is €230 + €180 for my mechanic to fit. 2nd hand part with warranty...
  13. mickday

    211 E class drivers door won't shut

    I have an intermittent problem with the drivers door on my S211 E55K Door opens OK as normal but sometimes when I pull the door closed it just bounces back open and does not close and will do the same when tried again. Locking mechanism appeared to be in open position as door was closing...
  14. Z

    2004 SL centre cubby box locked shut

    As above, used my SL55 in Friday and the centre cubby box between the front seats no longer unlocks and opens. Has anyone had similar? Is there a fix and a guide for repairing? I don't want to break anything but want to be able to use it properly again. Many thanks
  15. J

    w201 190 carb shut off problem

    Hello All, I have recently acquired a nice 1990 190 carburetor. It has one problem. Occasionally it will cut out or stall when running (usually at speed) and then refuse to re-start for a minute or so. I have traced the problem to the shut off system. If I disconnect the electrical feed...
  16. salesac1

    W202 glove box won't shut or lock

    I think the catch that engages with the striker in the glove box may have broken off :( - can anyone advise from the photos below? If a new lid is needed, anyone care to share their experiences of replacing it? First photo is with the glove box handle in the closed position, second photo...
  17. M

    W210 e320 cdi alarm wont shut up!!

    Hey w210 people I'm new to all this so here goes... Just got my 3rd w210 this ones an estate 320cdi year 2000 and has done 162k. Engine sweet but gear change erratic and alarm keeps going off sirens behind drivers wing (uk) .. It's ok when I disconnect battery at bedtime. But not practical if...
  18. H

    Ashtray lid wont click shut 0 C200 Kompressor - 2006

    Hi Noticed to day the push shut mechanism on the ashtray in the centre console wont work and lid just pops back up instead of staying closed. Can't see anything that might have snapped off. Can't feel anything wrong sliding a finger in towards the back. Anyone know if there's likely fix for...
  19. D

    boot shut

    Hi Guys well not only having problems starting my car, now I took the battery off just to see if things may reset. I left the boot open and my lovely help ful daughter shut it for me, as my car is a c180 w202 with out the battery being on the boot wont open can anyone help please is there anyway...
  20. cyoneill

    Engine complete shut down / crank sensor? w208 320

    Good evening! Little help please. This morning car started fine as always, after 9 miles the engine completely shut down. Would turn over but not fire. After leaving it a couple of minutes it fired up and ran as normal but the engine management light was on. After leaving the car all day I...
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