1. S

    Command Shutting Down

    Hi, I have recently bought a Mercedes C Class (2008) and It has a strange problem with the command.. Every 30 minutes it shutting down with a message "Please turn on the engine" but the engine is running... did anyone had the same problem? :dk: Thanks!
  2. S

    Remote key not shutting windows

    The remote key shuts the windows (if open) if I point it at the sensor on the drivers door handle. However, tried this yesterday and it didn't work, even from close up. Is this likely to be a key or receiver issue? PS I have a spare key somewhere so going to try and see if that exhibits the...
  3. O

    Command intermittently shutting down

    W220 S class per title..fault occurs when vehicle moving or reboots with Merc symbol within one or two seconds of failure without any input from myself..not sure if this problem is linked to other faults I'm now experiencing for example..wing mirrors not folding out when...
  4. paddingtonfire

    W124 Diesel - Not Shutting Down

    Morning all, In my OM603, when I've been turning the engine off recently it's been taking longer and longer to actually shut off, culminating in it now not turning off on the key. When I open the bonnet I lightly push the 'stop' lever and it dies. Can anyone offer any advice as to what it may...
  5. S

    Shutting up the nav!

    Is there any way to switch of the voice on navigation on command? I tend to turn it down, but still have my music interrupted by a a short period of silence!! :wallbash:
  6. A

    Mercedes E shutting itself off

    I do not have much expertise in Mercedes cars. I am writing about a problem I had and would appreciate your guidance. I have a Mercedes E (2007 model) with an automatic gearbox. In the past I had a problem with this car, where after I start the car and while it is in D, it would get stuck in...
  7. T

    COMMAND 2.0 shutting Down

    Hi all. Started car last nigth after work and noticed the COMMAND was off. On switching on, it had reverted to Deutch settings. I never shut it off manually only auto when key removed. This same thing happened about 18 months ago, so, not too much of a problem just, strange. :confused...
  8. R

    Mercedes of Gillingham shutting down.

    All employees of MB Gillingham are being made redundant on 24th December as MB have pulled the plug on the Gillingham site. The lease was up and it wasn't making enough money so its being closed.
  9. M

    XP and logging off / shutting down

    Keep getting nagged to ask the following question..... I have an XP home machine as the main family box. My account seems to work fine (logs off OK, shuts down when I ask it). However.... Wifey & Daughter - log off / swap user = shutdown Son - swap user = OK; log off hangs shutting down...
  10. Munkee

    Gr8 fitness workout - by shutting a door?

    Hello people, I have a question that needs answering. Why the hell did MB make the doors on W124's so hard to close? You really have to slam it to shut the bloody thing, excuse my language! Is there any cure? Are there softer catches available for the 124 or can I fit a catch from another...
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