1. B

    hoist shuttle for hard top r107 wanted

    I am looking for one of these new or used
  2. Vilus

    R129 Hardtop Shuttle

    Here's an interesting item just spotted. Perfect for the SL owner with no friends to help lift the hardtop! Mercedes hard top shuttle for R129 Series 1993 - 2002 Convertible | eBay
  3. jaymanek

    R129 Hard Top Roof Shuttle

    Hi, Keep missing these and been keeping an eye out for years... so just making it known im after one... Im happy to pay £500 for a decent clean one.
  4. S

    R129 Shuttle

    I have moved overseas and the shipping costs to the other side of the world are hilarious. Not to mention the used car prices here in Oz so there is next to zero chance of an R129 at the silly prices here. This was my "keeper" and is in exceptional condition. The chap I bought it from had a...
  5. CE230

    Honda Shuttle

    Despite having the W124 on the drive I bought a Pajero that saw me through some muddy fileds (Including towing catering trailers on site), floods and snow and a tour of Belgium and northern France. This too had to go again because of height but this time too high and a gear box that was...
  6. S

    R129 roof shuttle / hoist

    I have a near immaculate roof shuttle/hoist that I may have to sell as the friend's garage in which it is being stored will now have a larger car and so I have been 'evicted'! All in full working order and there is only on small scratch (about 5mm long) which was caused by me when I bumped into...
  7. swannymere

    All the shuttle launches in one video

    Amazing and headache inducing at the same time. Shuttle Launches
  8. E

    Anyone have a R129 Hardtop Shuttle??

    Does anyone out there own or have access to a pukka MB Hardtop Shuttle for an R129 ? I'm trying to get hold of some detailed photos of the assembly, especially the clips that attach to the hardtop itself, to see if it's possible to fabricate a set myself ...can anyone help?
  9. A

    Inside the space shuttle discovery

    Space Shuttle Discovery - 360VR Images I've taken this from another forum I'm on That's some buttons.
  10. B

    Hardtop shuttle R129

  11. whitenemesis

    360° View of the Shuttle Cockpit

    Space Shuttle Discovery - 360VR Images
  12. B

    R129 Hardtop Shuttle wanted

    Want to buy the original Mercedes Hardtop shuttle. Mechanical or electrical doesn't matter. Thank you
  13. grober

    Space Shuttle Atlantis

    Giving everyone a bit of notice- 2 weeks today will be your last chance ever to see a American space shuttle take off marking the end of an era of space exploration. The Atlantis will take off on Friday the 8th July with a crew of 4. Perhaps something for any "budding astronauts" among the...
  14. Satch

    ISS and the Docked Space Shuttle pics

    Amazing images of Endeavour docked with ISS. The pictures are the first (and last...) taken of a shuttle docked to the International Space Station from the perspective of another spacecraft. NASA - Expedition 27 Departure Photos
  15. B

    R129 Hardtop Shuttle

    Hello I saw this thread - I live in Sussex and would be happy to pay the full £250, so I registered, but as a new member I can't send a PM and I can't reply to classified posts. So I...
  16. Sp!ke

    Mercedes Hardtop Shuttle for sale for R129

    I have had a chap use the contact us feature asking if anyone was interested in buying his Mercedes Hardtop Shuttle since he no longer owns an SL. Those in the know will appreciate the rarity of this item, in fact I've had an ebay search for one for over two years in the UK and DE and not...
  17. Gollom

    How the shuttle returns to Earth!! Still blows my mind!
  18. glojo

    Space Shuttle lift off

    Whilst we are criticising the Americans, I salute them for going ahead with a launch of the Space Shuttle. Due to lift off tomorrow evening. John
  19. scotth_uk

    So today I bought an iPod Shuffle and a Shuttle Express

    :-) I just keep on buying stuff everytime I go to the apple store in Regent St. Bought the 1GB iPod Shuffle today, mainly to use as a USB memory dongle thing-o for work, with the added bonus of iPod functionality. £99 all in. Styling unit! Also bought a...
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