1. M

    bump bump bump sick bump

    Hi I have a W124 estate that we use heavily as a racing tow barge it has the hydraulic suspension which is brilliant but the two hydraulastic units only last a few months leading to the familiar rock solid rear suspension and instant sick bag is there something I am doing wrong I am using...
  2. anfieldassasin

    1990 C124 230ce Sea Sick

    Hi all, 1st post but long time surfer of the forum!! I'm a weekend novice DIY'r when time allows mainly thanks to all post i have read on this forum! have a 1990 230ce 8v M102 engine (NonCat and duplex chain driven! :thumb:) coupe with 95k miles I bought it a few months ago with 94k on it...
  3. Ndubber1970

    My wife is alreasy sick of me...

    Having bought my first Mercedes 6 days ago I've not stopped grinning and talking about much so that both my wife and my son are sick of it. The window regulator was broken but now done, although it does the classic not knowing when up is up thing. Broken wing mirror is being replaced...
  4. M

    Sick of rear air suspension leak - replacement springs advice

    Hi guys I've got a 211 estate E270 2003 and has a leak somewhere as the rear passenger side is at its lowest position after parking it for a short while. Also got a normal error once of car too low then went back to normal and subsequent to that I had a red error of car too low. Cost of this...
  5. Piff

    Sick PC - Help Please

    Help! Pc will not fully boot. Old desktop running Windows XP. Boots to normal desktop, with task bar at bottom. On task bar is start button on left and clock on right. Rest of start up icons (next to clock) not loading. Hovering cursor over task bar it turns into an egg timer. None of...
  6. W

    210 door mirror dying or sick?

    My drivers side door mirror has been a bit off colour recently and i wonder what's up with it? At first, there was a thin portion along the top edge that didn't reflect too well. It looked as if the mirror film might be delaminating from the glass. But this has now spread, and there appears...
  7. Borys

    Sick note advise

    One of my employee keeps giving us sick note.....get this reason "LOW MOOD".R doctors serious?She keeps posting pics from parties on facebook,she came in today to hand over another note-very chatty and energic. She is part time and I did check,she's getting more SSP then wages when working...
  8. bpsorrel

    How sick is this.. :)))

    Aussie Ford ad... Cane Toad Road - YouTube
  9. MercFanUk

    Working while claiming sick pay

    Hey all, I know of someone who has a regular daytime job, but they are off sick for a month and claiming statutory sick pay - their doctor signed them off. Some evenings they work at a different job, cash in hand etc. Is that entirely legal? (The working somewhere while claiming sick...
  10. Palfrem

    No sympathy for sick banker

    BBC News - Lloyds bank chief executive to take medical leave Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio takes break to recover from fatigue - Telegraph Phew. Quite a lot of spleen venting about this chap. Was he over promoted?, is the job just too big for one man?
  11. scorpio stu

    Help with a sick E230

    Hi I have an E230 Estate 1997 P reg. Symptoms: 1.Rough idle if stationary but in drive on the auto box, tries to surge but its ok if it's in neutral as no surging 2.Sluggish to pull away , holds back and then as below... 3.Intermittent Small 'pop' backfire but sounds like it comes from the...
  12. E

    Damon Hill makes journalist sick on test drive

    Old but still good to watch! :thumb: YouTube - TEST DRIVE Damon Hill makes journalist sick on test drive
  13. davethemus

    sick of X-Factor having the number 1 christmas hit?

    Facebook campaign for Rage Against the Machine 'sabotaged', fans claim - Telegraph remember you must buy it online for it to count< i bought one from amazon and another from i tunes
  14. N

    Well sick yo!!!

    Vauxhall Vectra B lexus style lights - well sick yo!!! on eBay (end time 04-Nov-09 00:37:11 GMT)
  15. MarkF

    My ML is Sick

    Had the ML recovered yesterday with no drive when in D. As my car is looked after by a very good indi (much better than any main delare near me) I have rescue cover with £35.00 subscription for a year. my wife phoned the nice lady to tell her what had happened and that she needed...
  16. K

    New member.with a very sick w140.

    Hello everybody. i am a new member i have owned a w140 420,for 4years it as never let me down,till now was sat on motorway in traffic come to set off just creeping off then no power car just stopped,got it on hard shoulder,was gobsmacked, got it recovered home ,loads of phone calls later,still...
  17. S

    Sick E300TD

    I have a 97 E300TD with glow plug problems. I put it into a local garage to have them changed but they could only manage to change two. Of the four left, one is snapped and the other three are solid and will not move. I have been reading up on this forum on the subject. Can anyone recommend a...
  18. Levismerc

    Another CE - you're gonna get sick of me soon!

    Hello again After lots of help from you guys and seeing lots of cars - some dogs, some overpriced, some 'just not right' - I'm off down south to see this ol' W123 CE. It's a five owner car, FSH, MOT 'til Feb and a book full of receipts. It has electric windows/roof, leather, 133k and is a...
  19. garystu1965

    These debt management adverts make me sick

    "New government legislation means we can write off 75% of your debt". So does this mean that people who live on the "never never" and have no way of paying off what they owe can get off scott free ? I like to think I've done quite well with saving up, getting a bit of equity in my house...
  20. ShinyF1

    Child has been sick in car - 2000 E320 Cdi

    My daughter has just thrown up while sitting in the front passenger seat, and needless to say it has gone EVERYWHERE. Poor thing got carsick.... Door trim/pocket, side of the seat by the door, under runnners, inside the casing where the seat control buttons are etc. Any advice as to what...
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