1. D

    Sidelight Bulb Change

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. I have a sidelight bulb that has gone and I was wondering what bulb it is and how easy it is to change. There seems to be 2 sidelight bulbs and the one that has gone is the one circled yellow. It may be called a parking light bulb. Has anyone got a video or instructions...
  2. S

    Wanted: Killerhertz LED Sidelight Bulbs for W211

    Evening fellas, I'm after side light bulbs for my W211, specifically ones that are the closest colour match to the headlights. Been doing some digging through the forum and it quite possibly seems to me that Killerhertz is a specialist in this area. Many thanks!
  3. S

    W203 Coupe 09 sidelight error

    Hi all, New to the forum :bannana:! I have an error on the computer left and right side lights out. But they are both working. Are there 2 bulbs in the sidelights or am I missing something?
  4. M

    W204 Projector headlight sidelight, dipped beam, indicator colour

    Hi guys as above just need to know what colour wire is the sidelight, indicator and dipped beam to the headlights of a W204 2010 A key would be great UK spec non xenon Thanks Minesh
  5. Yugguy

    w204 preface led sidelight pics

    Just put white leds in my sides and thought others might like to see the difference.
  6. V

    Sidelight load resistors any good?

    would these work ok on my vito with 1.5w led sidelights? 2 x 501 T10 W5W LED Sidelight Canbus Load Resistor ERROR FREE | eBay the leds work fine however i'm just getting the bulb out warning messages each time turn them on manual or auto.
  7. Palmer

    W210 no R/H sidelight

    Driving down the road and i get a lamp failure message on dash. No matter what bulb i crack in it still doesnt work. Checked the fuses under the bonnet and its all ok. New bulb holder from dealers?
  8. J

    E Class w211 sidelight bulbs

    Hello do these to pull out or are they twist? Mine maybe just really tight? Thanks.
  9. T

    210 front sidelight changing

    I am stuck changing the sidelight bulb (Big Job Huh ):rolleyes: Drivers side on a 2001 facelift 210 I have tried pulling and twisting to no avail . I do not want to break the assembly as I have heard others do here is a picture Boyd
  10. mirras

    Sidelight bulb, you'd think it would be easy to change !!

    I've just had to replace the nearside sidelight bulb on my w221 S-class. What a job! I previously managed to change a dipped beam bulb by moving the screenwash reservoir and squeezing my hand in. No such luck with sidelight bulb. I had to jack up the car, remove the wheel and take off the arch...
  11. rk100

    Sidelight in 2004 CL

    Hi Can anyone help please! Does anyone know how to get the sidelight bulb out of a 2004 CL? i spent an hour at it with no luck and hands cut to bits- it didn't even budge
  12. M

    CLK 230 Sport Sidelight issue

    Hi could you please help.. I recently had an error light come on my dash indicating that I had a bulb out somewhere on the car. After checking I found my full beam bulb is not working, however despite the bulb looking fine I replaced it anyway but it still won't work. I then checked the fuses...
  13. effbee584

    CLS front sidelight bulbs

    Has anyone changed, or tried to change a front side light bulb on a W219 CLS. I tried but could not get close. It seems either a trip to a dealer would be required or removal of whole headlamp unit (bumper off I think) Thanks
  14. J

    Intermittent sidelight fail

    Hi My rear o/s sidelight fails from time to time. It's not the bulb, as swapping with the n/s one shows the bulb is working. Fiddling with the seating appears to make no difference, then it starts working again. And so the cycle goes on. Anyone any thought? Fuses are all good. Cheers...
  15. J

    Advice on new Headlight and Sidelight Bulbs!

    Evening All, Can anyone recommend me a set of new headlight and sidelight bulbs for my W202. I'm looking for a brighter more whiter light. A more cleaner look, as oppose to the yellowish look I am currently getting. What bulbs do you guys use?
  16. GlenQ

    LED W5W Sidelight Lamps. My Story

    In late July this year i purchased a set of two 'Error Free White LED W5W Sidelights For Various MB Models' from a member here. The lamps were promptly dispatched and upon recept I proceded to install them following the installation instructions included. After fitting I noticed that one of...
  17. tombadino

    sidelight bulb cl600

    Hi I own a 2001 CL600 V12 coupe. The front sidelight bulb has gone. Anyone know where the best place to source and is it difficult to fit? Thanks guys Steve
  18. S

    Bluevision sidelight bulb help please ....

    HI all, looking at purchasing blue vision sidelights for a w203, could anyone tell me if this link is the correct bulbs to get please ?? many thanks, James W5W / 501 Philips BlueVision Sidelights - Regal Auto Bulbs Ltd
  19. G

    sidelight resistor

    my w210 was fitted with an incorrect bulb after a failure and it seems to have blown the resistor which MB said needs a new headlamp unit. Any advice out there?:doh:
  20. reflexboy

    Sidelight bulb help

    Need a bit of advice guys-Where cars have xenons which are naturally ice white and have normal sidelight bulbs, the side lights look very yellowish in comparision and a bit naff. I have noticed on some newer E classes that the sidelight bulbs match the colour of the xenons and look really smart...
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