1. clk320x

    Error Free LED Sidelights or Number Plate Bulbs

    Has anyone ever found some LEDs for sidelights and number plates that don't throw out the annoying error on dash.. The Halfords ones worked in my cousins SLK, but after much wasted time even their 'canbus' options don't work in the CLK. They won't even switch on! (Tried both ways) Does anyone...
  2. D

    LED Sidelights

    Looking for some help/advice. I've bought some Error free LED's for my side lights and they just flashing every 5 secs or so. this is the second lot i bought different type and have exactly the same result. What am i missing?
  3. Yugguy

    why wont my sidelights work

    Ok, so I went to change the sides to led. Undid the inner drivers side cover and pulled out the bulb holder with pliers. Bulb is on at this point. I take it out and try an led. No light. Try the led the other way round, no light. I try the other leds. No light. So I go to put the...
  4. kwk

    2002 ML320 no brake lights or front sidelights.

    About 2 weeks ago, I purchased a 2002 ML 320 from a trader in Birmingham. I drove the car back to Swansea in torrential rain with, I thought, no issues. On checking the car the following day, I found that none of the brake lights or front sidelights were working. My fault I know, but the car...
  5. M

    help with sidelights

    Hi just bought a clk320 as a running project and always liked the coupes so couldn't resist this.However when getting car home and checking everything out (I know it should have been done before) I found out that the sidelights don't work,bulbs look fine,the lights have been converted to hid...
  6. A

    DRL and sidelights on together

    Hi I have a C class coupe C204 (62 plate) and need help on the following please. Now that winter is coming and I tend to do more driving while the sun is either coming up or setting and I don’t think the conditions warrant all my car lights on. I am trying to get my sidelights and DRL on...
  7. C

    W211 Sidelights led?

    Hi, been looking for decent white sidelights for my W209 CLK and had mixed results with LED's and saw a few W211 E class's which seem to have them built in, are these bulbs i can get from MB that will fit in my CLK or are these built into the headlight?
  8. C

    C63 replacement sidelights

    Sidelight bulb has gone on my 2010 C63.I thought i would take this time to replace the lot with nice crisp white ones to match the xenons and rid itself of the garish yellow ones. Can someone recommend decent replacement bulbs that wont throw up any errors. Also, would to replace the horrid...
  9. M

    C Class w204 LED Sidelights

    I want to replace my sidelights from standard bulbs to LED white type. I think there's 4 bulbs to change. Has anyone done this? Pics would be useful Where can I get the best quality, don't want ones which give errors or blow out. Any member sell these, I've seen some posts with member...
  10. JohnEclass

    Expensive sidelights

    Just helped my son fit his new LED angel eye sidelights on his BMW 320 coupe.....H8 replacements. They look good but you need the hands of a baby to fit them!.......and they cost £70 for a pair!! There's a market for you there Killerhertz!!
  11. Bambam13

    Problem with LED sidelights.

    I've had error free LED sidelights fitted to my c180k coupe for about 3 months now with no problems what so ever. Suddenly I've noticed the drivers side only has stopped working. I've searched the forum and elsewhere online and cannot find a specific answer. I've swapped the bulbs...
  12. Palmer

    No dash lights or right sidelights

    Driving down the road the cluster goes black. Revs / speed / fuel etc and all the heater ones as well. Front right and rear right side light have also failed. The rear one is a perfect bulb and the front is a new LED one so that should be fine as well, no reason why they shouldnt work. Fuses...
  13. ans

    r171 sidelights

    just a quicky,have been looking around and cant find the answer to my question,what is the the easiest way to change the side light bulbs as i can not get my hands in the back of the light units:wallbash:
  14. brucemillar

    W124 sidelights

    I am not sure if this is normal or not? On my 124, with the sidelights on, the headlight bulbs (both sides) also come on very dimly. Replaced all bulbs with brand new ones as part of a general tidy up and noticed this. So I put the old bulbs back in and get the same symptoms. With the...
  15. DSM10000

    Flashing sidelights, is this normal with LED types?

    I have noticed that if I put the key into the ignition switch and do not turn it then after approximatley 15 seconds the dashboard lights and sidelights flicker. if I turn the key to any other position this does not happen. I am not sure if it is relevant but the sidelights are LED...
  16. J

    Blue Sidelights?

    Hi all, Recently, I've seen sidelights (the very small bulbs) of cars being completely blue. Just wondered, is this legal? I've always thought they were only allowed to be white or have a slight tint of blue. Thanks.
  17. flowrider

    Replacing sidelights bulbs in a W164 ML

    Does anyone have any tips for replacing the sidelight bulbs in a 2009 M Class. The manual makes it look easy but I can't get access to the back of the bulbs, do I have to take the headlights out which looking at the bolts would mean removing the front bumper as well. Thanks David
  18. G

    LED sidelights

    I saw the post by KillerHERTZ for the LED sidelights but sadly I haven't posted enough to ask questions or order a pair, however, I'm in East London and have found a shop which has various LED auto products so I'll be paying a visit and see what's on offer, there is a try before you buy...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Error Free 5000k White LED Sidelights & Numberplate Festoons

    Hi everybody. For over a year I have been trying to track down the perfect LED sidelights with various results, whether they run too hot, not bright enough, cause dashboard errors or simply look too blue/purple, where as I wanted them to be as white as possible. I have a limited number 12v...
  20. 350_Coupe

    LED Sidelights

    Been reading a few posts about this, havn't done a fully fledged search on the subject yet, but i know a few of you have done this switch over, so was looking for some quick and easy answers and thoughts. I have a C350 Coupe (2005) Bi-Xenons as standard, and, as you know the sidelights are...
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