1. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS AMG Front Bumper & Sideskirts

    Slightly damaged, but cheap. Includes the foglight surrounds also: (nothing to do with me) MERCEDES W219 CLS AMG FRONT BUMPER SKIRTS SKIRT PAIR *GENUINE* collection only | eBay
  2. Niks

    W124 sideskirts and rear bumper

    As above im looking for a pair of original sideskirts and a facelift rear bumper for a 124 saloon - preferably in grey. thanks.
  3. Niks

    W124 AMG Sideskirts

    AMG Gen I side skirts £300 for the pair, Cash on collection
  4. M

    F/S: Rare Brabus sideskirts for 124 Coupe

    Good evening all. I have decided to sell some skirts I purchased with a view to fitting them to my Coupe. They wouldn't go with my Carat kit, so I am offering them here. They have been garage stored for the last 3 years. They are GENUINE Brabus side skirts for a 124 E-Class Coupe - Rarely...
  5. M

    w202 sideskirts

    into my 3rd week of ownership of my c240 and really enjoying it. been giving it lashings of dinitrol to keep the tin worm at bay, started with the rear and am working forward. a couple of piccys in the link below of my car.. ? View topic - that midlife crisis i was having so my...
  6. L

    C43 side skirt removal

    Hi, just doing a bit of rust work but wanting to get the sideskirts off my c43. (Really not looking forward to it though!) Undone all the plastic screws underneath and one bolt at the very front of the skirt but then stuck. I presume the side skirt is held on by clips all the way along. How do...
  7. z4hid

    W203 amg sideskirts saloon

    As the title suggests, pair or individuals, must be sensibly priced Pm me Thanks Za
  8. 300CE

    1993 mercedes W124 AMG COUPE sideskirts

    1993 mercedes AMG COUPE sideskirts side skirts e220 e230 e300 e320 e36 w124 c124 | eBay
  9. S

    universal sideskirts on w124 saloon

    anyone try universal sideskirts on w124?was checking out some bits tonite and found a irish company that have really nice ones and have really nice merc bodykits but not for the w124.there .have some nice stuff check them out,have emailed them to see how long the skirts are.
  10. S

    will sideskirts of anything else fit w124

    cant afford amg kit and shipping from america to ireland is huge so was wondering if sideskirts of other car might fit,like bmw e36 or even something else.also is there a 190e cosworth bumper that will fit the the look of these.any other ideas feel free to say:dk:
  11. KLP 92

    W211 sideskirts the same on facelift/prefacelift?

    As above, any info will be appreciated.
  12. NW_Merc

    Should I fit my WALD sideskirts or get some OEM sideskirts

    As some of you may know, I am in the possession of a very rare WALD bodykit for a W202. I am however in a quandry. The sideskirts on the kit dont have any holes to use the jacking point covers, I'm also thinking that it may prove difficult to sort out the jacking points should I need access to...
  13. Niks

    W124 AMG GEN I or II Sideskirts

    Looking for a pair of Gen I or II sideskirts for a W124 Saloon. If anyone has a pair, let me know asap. Thanks!
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Cutting Sideskirts in half!

    I might have found a set of C43 Sideskirts in a far off land :D To cut down postage costs they have suggested cutting them in half :eek: Although this sounds like the worst thing known to man, surely any bodyshop could patch them together good as new...? Its not like they weigh alot, or...
  15. S

    C43 front, back bumper and sideskirts

    Hello everyone I am from the United Kingdom and I am new here and love this site. Can anyone help me? I have a 1994 C180 Sports edition and I want to know if it is possible to put on a C43 AMG front and back bumpers also the sideskirts of a C43 AMG. Will they fit? Can I get the C43...
  16. janner

    Help identify these W124 AMG sideskirts.

    I've found these sideskirts at the back of the garage. They're brand new in the original box but they don't look like AMG gen 1 or gen 2. They have some sort of wheel arch extension piece. So, what are they?
  17. P

    W124 4 door/CE sideskirts?

    Are they interchangable? Got some AMG 4 door to go on a CE if they'll fit....
  18. M

    Genuine Mercedes Benz Front\Rear Bumper & Sideskirts

    Check this out Genuine Mercedes Benz Front\Rear Bumper & Sideskirts on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 28-May-09 11:20:13 BST)
  19. M

    W202 Facelift - Bumper & Sideskirts

    :bannana:744 Brilliant Silver Geniune Front & Rear bumper and side skirts on ebay:bannana:
  20. F

    W209 CLK AMG sideskirts...

    In black if waiting Faz 07535700830
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