1. nigel cross

    L Turn Sig Reflector Check Lamp

    Getting this on dash, all lamps working, changed bulbs as precaution. Lamps flash at correct rate, but arrow on dash flashing faster as if bulb blown. Any ideas?
  2. I

    Change in my sig...

    A bannana to whoever notices why....:D
  3. H

    L. Turn Sig. Reflectr ... Check Lamp (W220 post-facelift)

    Hello all, I managed to clip my mirror backward while driving forward at walking pace when parking. Now I have the "L. Turn Sig. Reflectr ... Check Lamp" warning intermediately. The whole strip of LED will stop working but with I switch off the engine and then fold and unfold the mirrors...
  4. Fudger

    New Sig....

    Unconditional love from all 3 ;)
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