1. bpsorrel

    Russia car sightings

    Finally got round to uploading this photo of a splendid, brand new CLS seen in the adjacent town to ours, just a few days after we arrived. If possible, it looks even better in these surroundings where it looks like something truly exotic! :)
  2. Mike Walker

    Sightings of 'unusual/rare' cars

    Driving down the A41 from Bicester to the M40 yesterday afternoon and saw a black BMW sports car behind me but not a Z3/Z4. Thought I knew what it was but slowed at the roundabout and it passed me - F reg ZI. Never seen one on the road before although saw one at a BMW event a few years ago...
  3. Doodle

    Nurburgring sightings

    Got back Wednesday night from an impromptu trip to the Ring as part of my stag do, and while waiting for the track car to arrive, was treated to a good show from the Mercedes test drivers tanking around the track. The CLS circulating was making a lovely sound, and the B-class that was out on...
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