1. A

    Rear wiper sign

    Mine sends the batman signal lol Finally got round to ordering a new one :rolleyes: Ben :thumb: TBH I rather like it You got laugh :D
  2. ringway

    Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

    There is an old joke that talking to yourself is first sign of madness but we now know its an essential mental tool . So how much of what we do online is that same inner speech? Echo - LINK. Subconscious - LINK. The above episodes are from the BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human series. LINK...
  3. abecketts

    MB Enamel Sign

    Hello, not posted for a while, a lack of a Mercedes is the main cause. A friend has one these in his garage and wondered is it mass produced or does it have some collectible value, it is 60cm in diameter? The writing in the back in gothic script relates to fitting instructions and talks about...
  4. B

    GLE traffic sign assist

    Hi guys I need some help I have taken my GLE abroad and everytime I switch it on there is a warning from the traffic sign assist Obviously this is due to me being in a different country Therefore I wanted to know how can I disable it? I am even happy to disable the sat nav completely...
  5. brucemillar

    Road Sign Help Please.

    I have noticed several road direction signs recently where next to the place name there is a yellow rectangle with a solid black dot and/or a solid black square. Sometimes there is just the outline of a square or circle. I think I have also seen a diamond (but may be making that bit up) Does...
  6. astamir

    W211 320cdi sign of oil in intercooler

    Hi guys Was under the car for servicing few days ago And noticed an oil leaking from the pipes on both sides of the intercooler. Does anyone know what it can be? Is it a sign of bad turbo? Thanks in advance
  7. L

    Sprinter loosing coolant through overflow-no sign of leak

    Sprinter (55 plate) is loosing coolant through the overflow (via bottle test), replaced the radiator cap but it's still coming out of the overflow pipe. Temp staying at around 80 or just under so it's not overheating. Any ideas/suggestions greatly welcomed. Thanks
  8. T

    Buying a car but unable to sign logbook on handover

    Evening all, bit of random question here, I'm potentially looking to buy a car this weekend (190e) but it's in Blackpool and I'm South Wales, the car looks great and ticks all the right boxes. I work for a dealer in Swindon and we have a empty truck coming back from Scotland on Monday that...
  9. Rashman

    Not a good sign...

    Just put the heating on for the first time in quite a while. Winter's coming guys... Hibernation will be initiated soon.... soon time to hunker down.. Gonna have to squeeze in a couple more meets before they started chucking the poxy salt down.
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology

    BBC News - Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology In your opinion, is this a good idea or not? Would you trust banks with your personal biometric data, or not?
  11. Meldrew2

    Did Jill Dando sign her own death warrant?

    Jill Dando 'tried to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside BBC but no one wanted to know' | Mail Online Admittedly it's in the Daily Mail - but it makes you think...
  12. ringway

    Breaking News - Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist it... Again! :D:D:D
  13. skyline pete

    Brake wear indicater sign on dash

    as above just came up on dash ...says visit workshop/garage would this be for front brakes,,,back brakes or all 4..dont want to take it too garage and get ripped off ,,them saying it means all 4 ??? when only front or back if you know what i mean ??? just started car with foot on
  14. U

    Mercedes e220cdi w210 display defective sign

    Hi folks, just got my instrument cluster back today after having the pixels for the temp gauge and gear position repaired by a cluster repair company ( revtronic) .Now before I sent it away I could see that the break lining wear sign was on ( I say that because the central display bulbs...
  15. HumberMart

    First sign of madness

    Caught my wife at an opportune moment whilst she was busy at work yesterday and somehow managed to get her to agree to let me swap her 12 reg new B180 for a 10 reg S350cdi with AMG pack! Don't think she appreciates yet how big the S Class is however she does feel at home driving my ML. Problems...
  16. M

    ABS Light on-is it a sign of my Autobox packin' in?

    Hi All, I have a 2001 c270cdi Auto. My ESP light is coming on if I do anything more than gently corner. It resets after a journey and all is well. Recently it has started, at slow speeds, to put the brakes on one or more of the wheels, so it shudders quite a bit. When I pull in, turn off...
  17. G

    Battery warning sign on dashboard

    Hi need some help here. red warning sign showing battery on dashboard with statement Visit workshop. Would like to know if this is most likely to be Battery or alternator. If latter, anyone know a good source where to buy one. Has anyone had this warning sign before Rgds
  18. zenman63

    removing sign writhing

    I have noticed some sign writhing in some light conditions on my van, I have used G3 by hand and it's still there, and Mer. What is the best thing to do with it? Van is white.
  19. ringway

    Breaking News. Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Liverpool Sign Bent.
  20. BenzedUP

    Could this be a sign?

    A new BMW/Mini opened up near my work recently, so I thought i'd go check it out and see what i'm missing and maybe convince my self to swap the AMG for the E92 M3?:ban: As I went I saw this monster looking thing parked next to their brand new cars, to be honest I was distracted and all I took...
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