1. B

    Loss of there a signal amplifier W203?

    Hi, My wife's C270 CDi (W203) has developed a problem with MW reception, there is none!!...FM still seems fine but we cannot tune MW (I am an avid radio 5 listener so very frustrating). Its not a local signal issue as our W164 ML is fine. Is there a signal amplifier built in that might be...
  2. G

    A little project - W169 flexi DRLs / Turn Signal mod

    I wanted to see how easy it is to fit the newish style changeable DRLs (those flexible ones that turn yellow when you indicate) into a W169 headlamp, and whether that will look OEM-ish The trial headlamp unit was kindly donated by David Richardson (don't worry, he's not driving around with...
  3. D

    CLS 320 cdi Remote locking and radio signal

    Hi my remote central locking has stopped working and radio has lost tuned stations and sat nav has gone wangy. I have remove fuse 8 from rear fusebox it was blown and the new one blew straight away so I assume there is a problem with one of the components connected through that fuse. does...
  4. B

    Poor radio signal

    Hello, I am new to here having only just bought a lovely low mileage R230 SL350, which is absolutely fantastic. My problem is that when listening to FM radio, the signal is weak and fuzzy even on strong stations such as Radio 2, or even my local station. It`s like not having an aerial...
  5. addbuyer

    Router & wifi signal help

    Guys I need some help with a router problem. The wife's parents have internet. Their router (Netgear) has an antenna but neither the wife or I have ever been able to pick up a wifi signal, the in-laws only use the internet via a wired connection. Due to their failing health we want to give...
  6. S

    ML320 W164 Poor radio signal

    Hi The radio died on me a couple of weeks ago and whilst I can get radio 2 (stationary) the scanner doesn't function and I loose the signal in anything but open countryside. I have removed the tailgate trim and located the aerial "amp" (A 164 820 16 89). I can see the local transmitter from...
  7. A

    key fob not working&radio signal is weak

    Hello there members Both my remote key fobs have stopped locking/unlocking the car, I checked the batteries on the off chance that both lots of batteries had failed but they were both ok. I then looked on google & it stated to check fuse number 8 in the boot which I did & it was blown so I...
  8. Wacko74

    Radio Signal

    OK chaps, first thread so be gentle Ive notice the radio in the ML looses reception regularly I don't know if this is a general issue that everyone puts up with or if there is something I can get to plug in ive also noticed when it is a bad reception if I put the rear wiper on it gets worse...
  9. F

    Left Mirror, Turn Signal

    Hi there, I have a 2007 C Class (W203) and I received a message on my dash saying "left mirror, turn signal" and when I use my left turn signal, it flashes/clicks quicker than usual. But when I get out and check it, it works perfectly fine. Additional info 1: the outside plastic of the turn...
  10. S

    W216/W221 Climate Comfort W'screen - Clear Spots for GPS signal

    Hi guys, I have a Merc. CL500 (2013MY, 2014 registered) with climate comfort windscreen (the one that has a slight purple tint to it), and I had tried a friend's road angel for a couple of days, and..... it doesn't get a signal at all. Upon some investigation, it transpires that the infrared...
  11. PhilG

    HOWTO: Fix no GPS signal on NTG 2.5 COMAND

    So I had no signal on my nav. Apparently this is quite common - the aerial goes bad. All the threads on here mentioned a Fakra type connector for a replacement receiver. I bought one of these with the intention of connecting it to the back of the COMAND unit. On my CLS it was really, really...
  12. W

    SL350 (R230) Weak FM Signal following Head Unit Change

    Hi, I have asked before, however … I’ve fitted an Alpine Head Unit into my 2005 SL350 (R230) where the FM reception is nowhere as good as the original. I received some excellent advice from ‘Richard’ concerning the feed to the Audio Gateway (thanks again), but I want to check whether I have...
  13. 1

    W639 Turn signal switch wiring

    Does anyone have the 6-pin connector pinout for Vitos switch A639 5450 124? Also any guides on how to get to these pins without pulling switch...where does this connector's wire harness continue? Any info would be much appreciated! Timo
  14. P

    Engine running signal on New V klasse W447

    Hi where can i found engine running signal wire on a new V klasse W447. It's to activate a relay when engine is running only. A have a large data base with other signals from different EU cars and truck so if you need something send me a Mail.
  15. OneForTheRoad

    w211 radio signal .

    are there any parts that degrade over time that would cause lack of radio reception - cars a 2004/2005 e class 320 cdi . certain areas where I live the reception is next to rubbish tbh . I was thinking the ariel , but looking at it I wouldn't know where to begin ....
  16. W

    Number plate bulb out warning signal

    Hi,my brother has a 2011 w204 c220cdi, recently the warning message on the in dash display indicated a number plate bulb had blown,he replaced the right side bulb, it is working ok, but the warning on the dash reappears intermittently . I'm assuming this should extinguish itself once the bulb...
  17. Norse

    Where to tap signal power for extra driving lights

    Hi again all. I am about to mount two extra driving lights (Hi beam) to my -05 S211 and I am wondering if there are a suitable place in the fusebox or elsewhere to tap the signal to trigger the relay? Or do I need to tap into the hi beam wire as we have always done? Seems a little old...
  18. zoros

    GPS signal

    Very strange. Currently my integrated Sat nav is out of date so I tried using an after market Garmin and Tom Tom. It won't work - no satellite signal apparently. Now I moved both these into my Audi and they work fine? I then took them out, watching the satellite strength signal and walked...
  19. K

    Signal Turn Lamp!

    In my front light units where the signal turn lamp is at the top part 2nd one down ....there is an identical shaped lens .......what does it do?........can`t find reference anywhere in the owners manual. Could it be a sensor for auto, but i thought that was on the windscreen!
  20. J

    Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) communication issues

    :dk: I have a S320 CDI 2003, I recently had a left windows control unit go faulty so I had that replaced by a Garage who claims to be also Mercedes expert. Their effort seemed to triggered a host of issues Brake pads replaced etc. Now Garage is saying that the error codes are due to the three...
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