1. Simon_M

    Can you Spot the F1 Drivers Signatures?

    While on the AMG trip last month, nosing around the Secured parking of the Ferrari / Maserati garage I spotted this. I know it is the 695 Tribuno Ferrari Fiat 500 but on closer inspection the bonnet was signed... Now I can make out Nico Rosberg's signature (middle left, to the...
  2. developer

    Avatars and signatures - useful/entertaining or a waste of space?

    I noticed while perusing today someone suggested how one might "preference" out signatures and the like when viewing posts, describing them as "guff" Are they guff? I put a photo and spec of my car that I assumed other MB enthusiasts might enjoy, however, I've seen a couple of signatures...
  3. GrahamC230K


    Hi, May I please draw your attention to the announcement regarding signatures. Regards The MBClub Staff Team
  4. portzy


    I dont know if this is the right place but, how do I attach a piccie to my signature?. I can attach to a post but I cant see anything on sigs when I have searched the threads. :confused: Thanks.
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