1. furlong19

    e500 X-Pipe and Rear Silencers

    after owning my e500 for a couple of months i was hoping to unleash a bit more noise from the v8, so after a phonecall to the very helpful eldin at EMP i booked in for the sec cat and resonator delete with X-Pipe replacement. This did make a noticeable difference but still not enough from the...
  2. Londonscottish

    Price for W211 E500 silencers

    Hi there I have a 54 plate 211 E500. Can you give me a price for the 2 x rear exhaust sections? (ie from the central silencer back) Thanks
  3. Druk

    211 exhaust and silencers.

    Two questions. There is a spring clip on the bell-joint where the top cat goes into the downpipe. Does the little arrow on this clip face 'upwards' or down with the direction of gasses? The system is built from stainless steel and the two back boxes are showing multiple (stress) fractures...
  4. Brochman

    silencers for W124

    Hi, does anyone know the best place to mail order a pattern part for the rear silencer for a '94 E280 W124? Best price I have found is euro car parts at £85 inc. Vat. Anyone know if thats about the best I can get? Many thanks, Brochman :rock:
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