1. P30egy

    AMG Door sill passenger side

    As title my 2010 E63 only as AMG door sill on the drivers side the passenger is Mercedes. I'm not sure why this is but I would Like them to match. Any info on this or where to get these email [email protected] or inbox me thank s
  2. G

    W210 sill removal E55 1998

    Hi guys, Apart from using a claw hammer, which I was close to doing earlier today. How do I remove my sill trim so that I can access the two bolts holding the wing on hidden by this? I've taken the 3 8mm bolts out, read someone where that you just give it a good pull but I don't want to break...
  3. R

    Sill strips

    Anyone know if I can buy the two aluminium strips which sit on the sills of each door. W124 E Class 1995 SALOON
  4. M

    S124 sill & door panels off

    Hello all, I’m new to these forums and recently picked up a ’95 E220 wagon for a few quid. There are already quite a few bits of welding needing done (front wings - inner and outer, nearside rear quarter under the glass, tailgate under the glass) but I suspected there might be more to come so...
  5. brucemillar

    124 Wagon. Metal Door Sill Entry Plates.

    Folks If anybody is breaking a 124 Wagon or knows of a set of metal 124 door sill entry plates? Please give me shout. I have the plastic mushroom ones which look okay, but I think that some nice polished metal ones would be better. Thank you. Bruce
  6. J

    ML Sill Bar Bracket

    Hi everyone, Please can anyone confirm a Part Number for the F/O/S bracket for locating the stainless steel side bars (sill bars) to the chassis on a 2004 W163 ML 270 CDi? I've been informed it could be A1638900614, but need confirmation. Thanks J
  7. Ultrarep

    S211 sill cover removal

    Hi Can anyone advise how to get the sill plastic covers off as I have graunched one of mine on a high curb! Thought I had knackered the paint on a metal sill but when looking realised its a plastic cover so guess it can be removed and sorted out. Any advice greatfully recieved
  8. optimusprime

    W124 sill paint code.

    Hi after the jacking point repair, on my W124 saloon 1989 i need to repaint the sills in the original colour. I think its Granitgrau code 7026 .Can anyone second this .The colour is in all the interior structure as well .Thank you for any help given right now.As i need to get the new repair...
  9. A

    Sill protectors

    Hi all my aluminium door sills look good but aluminium scratchs quite easily, so decided to protect my aluminium ones :D
  10. 5

    W124 Window Sill Rubbers x4 - Brand new OEM - £75

    As title. Been stored away for a few years but brand new and still in MB packaging. These are expensive from MB - I'll offer them up at £75 collected. Hopefully you can see the part numbers in the photo.
  11. 9

    E 250 cdi convertible 2010 water in sill

    Lots of water swilling round in the rear quarter, googled it and found out about the four plugs in the jacking point to drain. Why have a plug if it's a drain. Anyone else had this and any advice would be great, thanks
  12. merc85

    s211 interior Step sill 2003

    Hi wondered if anyone can help, the interior step sill plastic cover's are cracked at the ends as they are only plastic. On the OSR the Part number is A211 680 06 35 There is also a white label with 617 092 Then underneath it has 07 03 .03 Which one of the above is the...
  13. R

    Vito V639 LWB internal step / sill cover part number?

    Hi I have just bought a 204 Vito and noticed the plastic moulded step inside the sliding door is broken. I am struggling to explain it to the parts people over the phone and can't find anything on the internet. Would anyone know the part number or point me in the direction of an online parts...
  14. merc85

    s211 Stainless Step sill?

    As above my "inner" plastic step sill covers are cracked at the ends on the o/s, does anyone know of anywhere i can get some Stainless or alloy inner step sill covers from? Im not talking about the Original Stainless covers but the ones in from those.:thumb:
  15. notsofast

    Rattle can paint job CLS sill covers

    My car used to daily commute some 20 miles along the local rural roads. The roads department re-chip these roads most summers and leave it for the traffic to pack down. A few years of this resulted with the sills looking very poor with damaged lacquer and no amount of cutting back was going to...
  16. rusty55

    R129 best use of sill gaurd

    on road trip works well 940 miles down
  17. M

    Vito 638 Sill Repair or Replace?

    Looking at my 638 Vito (1998 with only 32k miles!) sills earlier, it looks like there may be problems with the sills both sides, at the front end, below the doors. I can see that there are part sills and full sill replacement parts available, but was wondering if anyone had actually had this...
  18. cabvw

    C43 AMG outer sill replacement

    Hi I'm in the process of changing the rusty outer sills on my C43 AMG, there in a bad state and one of the jacking points has been welded up. I was wondering if anybody can help guide me into 1, Replacement parts that I need 2, Cost of the repair panels 3, Labour to get the repair done...
  19. BIG_G_1979

    door sill plate

    Hi guys my door sill plate has came off because the clips have broke, I have checked ebay for new clips but unsure if looking for right thing as not sure what they are called, anyone know the correct name? Or better still where to get them from
  20. John Jones Jr

    W202. Sill cover removal, how?

    Hi Guys, I need to remove both sill covers from C230K Sport, as I'm attending to the dreaded rust spots and want to do a general check over before winter. Can anybody advise on how to remove them? I looked & searched the forum but had no luck finding a relevant thread. Thanks in advance,
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