1. bigbug

    Sills / Rocker Panels W210

    210 Wagon, she has failed her MOT as the sills are rotten out. Whilst I have found a parts listing, and guessing they may be the same as the Saloon? the bottom sill section part (23) isn't listed anywhere and I cannot find UK supply so am looking at fabrication...
  2. G

    Retrofitting Illuminated Door Sills - questions

    I just bought a new pair of illuminated door sills for my A200 coupé - wasn't easy to find, particularly at about a ¼ of MB listed price. So far so good ... Went on WIS, found and printed retrofit instructions (AZ82.20-P-0001AK), and it is frightening to say the least - half the car needs to...
  3. BarryWhitt

    Will these fit my C-CLASS rear sills?

    Tempted to buy these but l already have the front ones, does anyone want to go halves with me for the front two? But worried whether they will fit my 2017 C-Class, they look ok as they have a slight curve to the rear set as in my sills.
  4. Abb

    W202 Sills, any suggestions??

    I am trying (unsuccessfully) to try and source some replacement sills for my new project, a W202 C43. I have contacted MB who state, unfortunately they are a discontinued part. I have found one seller on the bay of dreams who sells aftermarket panels/sills. Whilst I wouldn't fit an aftermarket...
  5. wobbly

    W166 Sidestep removal and replace with sills

    I have a 2013 ML350 AMG with sidesteps which I think look awful. I want to remove them and replace them with standard sills. What parts would be required to do this, I would imagine this to be quite straightforward.
  6. W

    Amg door sills.

    Hi, Quick question. Are the AMG illuminated sills standard on W212 E63's? Mine's in the dealer now cos one side isn't working. They've just rung to say they don't think they're a merc part, but I thought they were std on the amg's? Can anyone confirm for me pls. Thanks.
  7. S

    W204 replacement window sills

    My body colour window sills have started peeling lacquer (quality stuff MB!) so was thinking of replacing them with chrome ones. Can anyone reccommend a supplier? Cheers
  8. J

    W124 Sills best supplier not Benz?

    Just wondered if anybody could suggest the best quality pattern parts of full sills for a W124 4 door saloon? I have the dreaded jacking point Grot and although you can get plates for these from Germany by the time you have bought 4 and payed shipping it runs expensive :( We all know pattern...
  9. Stan the Man

    Illuminated Sills

    I have a full set of 4 bespoke stainless illuminated sills suitable for a W204, may fit others. Each sill is self contained with a built in battery, so no external wiring required. Operation is by a small magnet taped to the underside of the door. Each sill is mounted using double sided adhesive...
  10. lfckeeper

    W203 (Facelift) door sills

    Does anybody know where I can get replacement (like for like with 'mercedes-benz' written on) chrome (effect?) door sills? Mine are a bit tatty
  11. waisal

    C43 rusty sills again!

    Hello Unfortunately I have discovered rust on drivers side rear sill. I was doing some work on the rear brake and tried to place a stand just behind the jacking point and heard a crunch, thankfully didnt go all the way through but has definitely distorted the weakened rusted metal. The...
  12. MOR8A

    Anyone done retro fit AMG illuminated sills trims?

    Just wondered if anyone has done the retro fit of the illuminated AMG sill trims?
  13. RossBHP

    AMG illuminated door sills

    Hi I'm after some help and advice ,I'm looking at getting some illuminated AMG door sills I've looked at the wiring loom down the in sides of the my 2013 amg c63, and there are to small white plugs coming of the loom.can any body tell me if these plugs are there for the illuminated door sills...
  14. W

    Prevent rust on rocker/door sills W639

    Hi, I would like to ask where I can find the holes to spray wax or oil to prevent rust into the rocker of my Vito 111cdi? Thanks!
  15. 3

    Water Sloshing Around in Sills

    My 350 convertible has water sloshing around in the sills noticeable when I brake at slowish speed. Has anyone else had this problem? I located a plastic screw in plug at the rear jacking point, unscrewed that and loads of water came pouring out so at least the sills are empty now. BUT...
  16. classicsl

    R107 SL Door Sills - brand new

    Purchased these but never fitted to my R107 and it was later sold. Decorative sills in brushed alumininium finish. Come with fitting tape attached to stick directly onto sill inside door, both measuring 110cm (length) by 8cm (width). Engraved with "Sportline" text. Unfortunately slightly...
  17. kalvin928

    w211 illuminated door sills

    has anyone bought aftermarket units i.e:- Mercedes AMG ILLUMINATED White Led Door sill kick plate Light W212 W219 W211 | eBay was tempted by these, but not sure on quality, I am presuming these come on just when other puddle lights come on? I would not be installing myself but just wanted...
  18. B

    W164 inner trunk sills

    Hey all, I have been looking for the inner trunk sills since I got my W164, 2 years ago, as the left side started peeling off. I am having a feeling that I am not searching using the right keywords, that is why I posted here. Here's the thing I want to buy: It's the inner part, with...
  19. A

    W124 estate Leaking interior sills

    Hi guys. I've got a w124 estate. When it rains heavily, I have water dripping in from the drivers side above the door sill, and the same above the tailgate. How do I resolve this? Many thanks guys. Ash
  20. Stan the Man

    Illuminated Sills

    Found on ebay, Illuminated Sills for 'C' Class W203 Saloon. Looks like a quality mod. Mercedes Benz Illuminated sills C-Class w203 Saloon | eBay Seller also has illuminated sills for CLK W209 and SLK.
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