1. Davycc

    Possibly a silly and un-needed question

    Hi all, recently I converted to my first MB previously being a devote SAAB man. My first taste was a 2001 C320. The car was too cheap to pass up at £850 I knew the owner who had it from 2003, full service and only 79K My questions are the following, now that I'm madly in love with MB I'm...
  2. B

    Silly question about sump plug on W210

    Hello all, I've just bought a 2002 E220 cdi Estate Diesel. I want to change the oil, but haven't succeeded in getting the front of the car up on the ramps yet as the front lower body panel fouls on the ramps before the front wheels reach them. No doubt I'll figure out a way of getting the front...
  3. BlackC55

    Renntech lowering modules X 2 available at silly low price!

    Ok so we have 2 Renntech lowering modules available here at PCS at a special price of £850 fitted... these retail at around £1300 for the unit alone. Suitable models include: S Class with ABC or airmatic: CL 215/216 : SL With ABC : E55 211 : CLS55 219 : SL63/65 : E63 : Most cars that have...
  4. David404

    Silly Newbie questions

    Hi All Lurking and reading whilst planning/researching purchase. I'm new to the MB sceen so please excuse the silly questions... Looking at 2006-2009 E320 diesel, auto. From the car itself without access to any equipment is it possible to get the car to tell you when it was last serviced...
  5. D

    Silly Money

    Mrs P wanted an early 911. And here's me thinking £60k-£70k might do it!
  6. E

    Oil Filter - Silly Question?

    Does anybody know the reason why the Hengst/Mann oil filters for the M113 (and no doubt other) MB engines have to be fitted with the black line round the outside of the filter element the correct way up? I ask because I have a Bosch oil filter, supplied by ECP by mail order, which has no such...
  7. roshe25

    Another silly novice question

    Hi I am really new to MB's,If I put to much engine oil in and want to take some out is there a dipstick hole somewhere on the engine.It is a c200 cdi Avantgarde auto. I have a electric vacuum pump from my previous car but I cant find anywhere to put the tube.(no wise cracks):doh: Please be...
  8. E

    Silly novice oil question

    I have a C55. I want to drain off a little oil with a pump extractor. I look for a mechanical dipstick and don't see one ... I assume I have to remove the filter by the oil cap to be able to suck any oil out? At the rear up against the bulkhead there is a red cap covering an inlet...
  9. brucemillar

    Commuting Dilema. Or me being silly?

    Folks What to do. Following fairly recent major life changing surgery, I am now well and back at work. Whilst there is absolutely no doubting that I look well (outrageously handsome). Internally life has changed and will take years to recover. This means that on occasions I really do have...
  10. J

    silly car ... Stupid electrics ... Help

    Heeeeeeeeeelp my 2002 clk convertable every morning I must disconnect the battery for 30 seconds reconnect it ..and bingo .why because the mirrors and windows won't work red roof light stays lit up and nothing works .until reset battery ... Replaced Sam unit as told that was the problem ...well...
  11. general patten

    Is it a silly question?

    Can u have a square exhaust or does it have to been round tube.....reason I'm asking this is because I want too lower my car as max as possible with out putting airbags on it?
  12. Stratman

    Silly OBD question

    While idly browsing through some OBD2 tools, I kept seeing references to Bank 3 and Bank 4. I understand Bank 1 and Bank 2 refer to V-engines, with Bank 1 housing cylinder number 1, but what are Bank 3 and Bank 4? I thought they may be sensors, but then saw references to Bank 1 Sensor 2...
  13. Palfrem

    Silly G Class prices

    Just what is it with these vehicles? Mercedes-Benz G Class G400 CDI LWB 4.0 Our man here is asking £55K for a 2006 model. OK it's very low miles. It's G400 but that shouldn't make too much difference. And below, is a 2012 G350 with good spec from a MB main dealer with full AUC...
  14. clarea

    Silly question alert re TA

    OK apologies in advance! Recently got a 2005 S320cdi limo but haven't got the manuals for it yet (dealer lost them and waiting for replacement) so I'm finding stuff out as I go. Couple of things niggling me, first is that I can't seem to turn traffic announcement off. Even when it says its off...
  15. flying haggis

    another silly question

    hope you can help again. my, new to me, 08 plate e class estate has a weird problem. when listening to the radio it keeps getting interupted with traffic reports from local stations despite the traffic announcements having been turned off. I have done a reset of the comand but it still...
  16. RH2013

    Roof bars (hopefully not a silly question)

    Getting roof bars for my Shooting Brake. Does anyone know if the Thule ones screw into the proper mounts on the car or do they clip in elsewhere. Torn between the OEM parts and Thule, anyone have experience of them and the bike racks? Thanks.
  17. P

    Possible silly question about idler damper strut in C250 TD W202 diesel engine

    With the top mounting bolt removed, is it normal to be able to remove the metal bush from the rubber surround? My instincts say no, but at the same time the strut only needs to take out forces in bearing, so does it matter providing it's a snug fit (which it is). Cheers, Matt.
  18. Colin_b

    Don't use silly passwords.

    I went to a security update today, and looked at emerging threats. One is password cracking tools have improved greatly thanks to improved CPU performance and a cracking botnet. For example, probably this - BBC News - Thousands hit in attack Upshot is make sure you important...
  19. T

    Auto box playing silly buggers

    All, Hi All, I have a major problem:( I drove my wife into town 2 hours ago and my 2001 E320 CDI auto box started jumping between gears :fail I then collected my son from the airport 20 minutes ago and it drove fine. I parked and put the car in park, but didn't turn the engine off...
  20. guydewdney

    Silly neighbours 'manager' dispute

    Not really a dispute - more of a silly ar$e problem.... Not sure how we shoudl tackle this - so advice re next move appreciated. Story / circumstances:- We own a water mill, which now, after several years very hard work and a hell of a lot of money (think small house value) now generates...
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