1. d w124

    Happy Birthday SilverSaloon

    Have a nice one Derek
  2. John

    SilverSaloon's Rover SD1 Vitesse 4.0 V8

    I have always had an interest in these since I saw them around in the 80s in civilian and Police form. What are they like to own and run in real life? I was only looking at one on Pistonheads at lunchtime today... Also how comes yours is a 4.0 - has it had the bore increased?
  3. ringway

    Happy Birthday Silversaloon!

    Happy Birthday Derek. :thumb:
  4. wobbly

    Happy Birthday SilverSaloon

    Have a great Birthday.:bannana:
  5. SilverSaloon

    SilverSaloon's R107 280SL (1985)

    Here are some pics of my 1985 R107 280SL: exterior shots, with soft top up, hard top on, and of course, with the roof off: Interior shots: Boot: Roll on summer! :bannana:
  6. Spinal

    Happy Birthday SilverSaloon!

    Hah! I beat Pammy to it :p Have a Great Day dude!:rock: Michele
  7. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday SilverSaloon

    Hope you have a great day Sir :bannana:
  8. SilverSaloon

    SilverSaloon's 320 CLK Elegance

    1999 320 CLK Convertable. 3.2 V6, Azurite Metallic, 17" AMG alloys, Parktronic, Comand SatNav PIX ARE [HERE] and [HERE] and new pics are: [HERE] LATEST MODS IN 2005 CURRENT MODS: - AMG facelift Instrument Cluster - BRABUS facelift wood & leather multi-function steering...
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