1. Mozzer

    Vodaphone pay as you use data sim

    Anyone out there got one of these I can use / borrow / buy ? I have the PCMCIA data card, but have just been told that I cannot use a normal phone sim in it and will need a data sim card. Went to the Vodophone shop and they told me they could set me up with a £25 / month deal for 12 months -...
  2. Anil

    Virgin Mobile Free Sim Offer

    Its on again. Loaded with £5 worth of credit. While stocks last blah blah blah.
  3. S

    New phone sim card

    Apolgies for being slightly off topic, The sim card on my daughters new payas you go vodaphone (2 day old ! eek) has been accidentally locked, wecan't correctly recall the number: can anyone help please? :crazy: Steve
  4. C

    free O2 PAYG Sim Cards

    Click For Free Sims You can order up to 4, but be quick as they go soon.
  5. fgaffney

    Nokia 6100... sim free & unlocked

    I've just upgraded to a 6230 and have a 12 month old 6100 for sale if anyone's interested?? PM me with a sensible offer... I have a figure in my head :) Cheers Edit - item now sold
  6. R

    Sim cards and phone numbers.

    Is it possible to have two Sim cards for the same phone number? If it is how do you do it. If you can presumably you can only use one phone at a time.......Ideas and comments welcome.
  7. mercmanuk

    Mobile Sim Cards,unlocking Software

    Just incase anyone is interested ive bought a job lot of mobile sim cards,o2/vodaphone/virgin/orange..most with £5 credit on them..all brand new in the sealed packets...these sell for £15+ in phone shops....£5 each...genuine nokia hands free units £3 ericsson camera's that fit on the...
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