1. nickjonesn4

    Anyone had e55 or similar seats redone

    Would like to get the fronts reupholstered. Any recommendations?
  2. clk320x

    CLK320 v6 anyone had res delete on similar emgine

    Anyone had a res delete on a v6 Seems a cheap way to get a nicer exhaust noise? Got a CLK320 exhaust is rather quiet for my liking Anyone done similar? Got a video? Any motorway drone or MOT issues? Cheers guys Abs
  3. developer

    Photoshop (or similar) Expert Required

    I need this woman removed and the letter C returned to it's original state, in both a white background/black lettering and a black background/white lettering. This is only a rough example, not the actual image I need altering. I'd be grateful if anyone can help please - I'm waiting for a...
  4. W

    WTB: MBU-1000 MBU-3000 or similar bluetooth adapter

    MBU-1000, MBU-3000 or similar bluetooth adapter required as the old nokia which had been sitting in the centre arm rest is pretty much dead. PM me!
  5. Tim203

    Help on Bamboo pens or Ugee monitors or similar.

    Can anyone recommend one of these devices where I can record my ideas/ sketches digitally. I need something quite fine and not like an 'Etch-a-sketch'( for those who remember!) Any advice gratefully received . Tim.
  6. T

    17/18 inch Brabus Split Rims /replicas or similar wanted

    Loved the Look of these on a CLK I nearly bought until I was seduced by the V8 I eventually bought . I am still hankering after the wheels . Anyone got a set going cheaply:D or something similar Boyd
  7. vealige

    C63 Owners with IPE or similar headers and MOT time.....

    Has anyone else had any issues, my C63 went in for its MOT today at MB as I have the service care pack and to be fair it failed miserably on noise emitted, emissions and removal of cats (secondary) I have an IPE manifold with the sports cats present then mated to the remainder of the standard...
  8. S

    Anyone have an ipe or similar for sale c63

    As above folks I know it's a long shot maybe someone is putting there car back to standard Ideally only looking for x pipe back Thanks Steve
  9. F

    W210 air ride bags and brackets fit W124? Know theyre similar

    Anyone give me an insight as to whether an air ride bracket and bag kit designed for a W210 would fit a W124. Know the springs are very similar just wondered about the mounting positions etc
  10. nickjonesn4

    Road Angel or similar

    Hi All Has anyone used Road Angel and does it offer any real advantages over having TomTom with the speed camera locations? Has anyone used the Snooper iRadar as an alternative? Would love to get something that dooes speed camera database and radar/laser detection combined. Any input...
  11. clk208

    Anyone recommend phone holster for W219/W211/probs lots of others similar

    Hi all, On the look out for a phone holster (iPhone) for my CLS primarily so I can change tracks on my music on the phone's display but also occasionally for navigation when google's live traffic can outfox my COMAND. I'm thinking vent mounted might work in terms of putting the phone where...
  12. Charles Morgan

    Surface Processing or similar - experience or other recommendations?

    I've got a number of body panels that need a small amount of cosmetic rust removal and paint stripping (wings, boot lid, doors etc) and was thinking of using Surface Processing or similar for chemical stripping and treatment (the wings I'll then treat with seam sealant as they are known rot...
  13. jonnyboy

    wanted - e220 cdi or similar, around £4/5k

    Not for me but I will of course end up getting involved!! Friend after an e220 cdi to replace an ageing estate car. He only has a budget of 4-5 grand. He suggested a c class but I think he is a bit large for one if I am honest. He'll consider a saloon or estate, I think an estate will be...
  14. Spinal

    Aerosil (or similar thickener for batteries)

    Does anyone know where I can get some aerosil 200 (or similar) in the UK? Struggling to find it, and I can't find any reputable company making gel batteries small enough to fit a micra... M.
  15. W

    Wanted - E55K / E63 / ML500 / ML63 or similar

    Hi Gang, Thought I'd ask on here before I cast the net a little wider :) I'm looking to move on my trusty CLK55 AMG after five years and am looking for a replacement - something with 4/5 doors. I'm open to quite a few ideas but possibly a 211 E55 estate, ML500 or similar. Maybe a C55...
  16. guydewdney

    xentry or similar "star" clones?

    anyone have any knowledge of these? I have the multiplexer, and all the adaptors, but carsoft only works to 200 ish properly, and my 04 211 it can only tell me about asr and one other.... No other module. Can reset gearbox and get live engine data. So, i wondered if it would work with other...
  17. S

    Chips away or similar in Wiltshire

    I need a few small stone chips and a small stone dent sorted on the bonnet of my 2012 estate. Anyone got any good contacts to sort? Any idea of price? Thanks in advance.
  18. I

    Has anyone any experience of a scissor lift or similar?

    Hi, I'm getting too old for crawling around on all fours or back-shimmying, (unless it's grog induced, of course). Has anyone used a scissor lift that'll hoist a big car about five feet or so from the floor without fear of it dropping on their head? Any mobile lift, really. I would...
  19. A

    Swap! Lpg 500sec for lpg cl500/600 or similar!!

    Looking for a swap for my classic in perlescent white 500 sec with affordable (just been serviced) lpg system only £35 to fill... Looking for either a cl500 or cl600 (also with lpg) or similar... If you have anything similar or know someone who does contact me on 07974223669 - alex
  20. Billy albert

    Top box and bottom cab snap on or similar

    Need new ish tool box snap on or similar
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