1. flango

    Simon products cheap at Tesco

    Not everyone's favourite cleaning materials I know but Tesco have really slashed the price on these everything is either £2 or £2.50. Which makes them incredible value.
  2. Chrishazle

    Simon Abott Ltd Car Sales Eastbourne - Anyone Know Them?

    The SL55 that's caught my eye is for sale by Simon Abott Ltd in Eastbourne. Google tells me nothing about them other than a few bits of Comapny House type info, the address given is a private house in an admittedly nice looking estate - but no sign of a showroom or anything! Anyone on here had...
  3. S

    Simon georgiou

    Hi all I am a retired motor technician from the era of points and condesors and not ecu's And sensors . I own a w221 s600 v12 2008 . I have only just purchased it and noticed that the ride is very hard on the suspension , feeling every bump on the road small or big , it acaully causes the car to...
  4. O

    Simon Cowell's CL63

    I see SC's CL63 is up for sale on The Bay of Utmost Evil - sign of the times?
  5. Mercedes-2010

    Cheltenham MB Indie

    I hate being away from home and having a car problem, here at home I have contacts in most fields, it's just that feeling that you're going to be taken for a ride. :dk: Well! Not in Cheltenham! ;) My C-Class was going into limp, not much fun when towing a caravan! So we ambled from St David's...
  6. Smarties

    In the Doghouse!! Help. Simon and Garfunkel, BBC1/BBC HD

    Hello Fellow forum members. Can anyone help me out with this. I was meant to have recorded yesterdays showing of BBC1's Imagine, Simon and Garfunkel. Set the timer all fine, but didn't check my hard drive,and have only got the first few seconds :confused:. I was recording this for my Wife who is...
  7. gurpz

    Happy Birthday Simon

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday and all the best. Almost missed it but better late than never.
  8. M

    Simon Light in Ware,Herts...

    Hello,my ML270 cdi is due a B service and I'm thinking of using this Mercedes specialist as it's quite close to me.Anyone from here used them before? Mercedes 'stealer' servicing prices have not come down as I read:mad: I phoned MB Bishops Stortford and they said...A service £265 and B service...
  9. MikeL

    Any Simon & Garfunkel Fans?

    At risk of showing my age I confess - yes. Simon & Garfunkel - The Collection Any who - pop on over to Amazon or similar and you can get a boxed set of 5 original albums (with bonus tracks) and a concert DVD - all for £15. Don't think this is limited but it isn't available in all shops...
  10. pammy

    nearly missed Simon's birthday!!

    that would never do - hope you're having a great day!!:bannana: :bannana:
  11. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to Simon

    Have a great day sir :bannana:
  12. pammy

    Happy birthday Simon

    :bannana: :bannana: hope you're having a great day :bannana: :bannana:
  13. mark.t

    Simon & Garfunkle

    Went to see Simon & Garfunkle, Old Friends concert last night they where absolutely fantastic Art has a great voice and you only appreciate how small Paul Simon is when you see him on stage but what a presence, very good night :bannana:
  14. pammy

    Happy Birthday Simon

    Don't be invisible today ;) Have a GREAT day Leave the pies alone - stick to cake, washed down with an apporipriate beverage or two of course :D :bannana: :kiss:
  15. BaldGuy

    FAO... Pluggers,Alps,Jimmy,Grav,Simon and Kinky

    Firstly sorry for the group post, I hope you guys don't mind....Ok guys I have you lined up for these bits.... Pluggers - Phone Console Alps - CD Changer / Pump Jimmy - Grill (Paid Thanks) Grav888 - Pump Simon - CD Holder (Paid Thanks) Kinky - Pedals (Will meet up) Pluggers,Alps and...
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