1. smillion

    2 sims one account? Can I?

    The E55 is pre-wired for phone but uses the old 6310i Nokia. I know from Alfie that I can get an adapter from him. +/- £300. Before I do, can anyone confirm whether I can have 2 sims working the same phone account as I have my old 6310i but don't want to use this as a day to day phone...
  2. WLeg

    Free Tesco SIMS
  3. dchaddah

    Free Vodafone Sims

    If anyone's interested vodafone are giving away free PAYG sims here
  4. pammy

    Sims 2

    Does anyone have this game? Our disk 2 has got damaged. EA Games will replace but at a cost of £7.50 plus p&p and it'll take 28 days. I wondered if any fellow member had the same game and would be willing to copy it or lend it to me. Happy to cover costs of course. tia :D
  5. mercmanuk

    4 free virgin sims
  6. Koolvin

    OT: FREE o2 Sims

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