1. T

    W211 estate rear end sinking

    I think mine has air suspension at the rear end. I've noticed that it sinks when parked up. Is this normal or a sign of trouble to come?
  2. C

    S212 rear suspension sinking

    I've noticed recently that my rear suspension is sinking when the car is parked, and I get a message saying to wait whilst it rises when I start the engine. It drops an inch or so overnight, more if left longer, I don't think it used to sink as much as that but it may just be because I don't use...
  3. Alex225

    That Sinking Feeling

    When you approach your car to find someone has been messing with it! Came back to my E last night, which I had parked in a multi storey I've used on and off for the last ten years. I parked in a bay at the end of a row, keep it tucked in and always been safe. Well on Thursday there was a...
  4. Vilus

    Porsche driver gets that sinking feeling!

    What is it they say about Porsche drivers........ Looks like the engine's flooded: Driver rescued from his sinking Porsche after crashing 160mph sports car into a dyke while reversing | Mail Online
  5. markjay

    Iranian gas platform sinking

    Dramatic video appears to show Iranian gas platform sinking | The Observers No one was harmed, according to media reports.
  6. camerafodder

    I've got that sinking feeling

    S211 2005 with self levelling suspension on the rear. On Friday I noticed the back of my car was sitting lower than normal with the wheels up inside the arches. The nearside is worse than the off-side. When the engine is running, the car levels but then randomly drops and re-levels (makes me...
  7. H

    W220 sinking !

    My 99 W220 goes down on it's knees after c.30hrs, methinks it could be a faulty valve in the pump because the whole car sinks evenly. Any fixes ?
  8. WLeg

    My House is sinking...... subsidence

    Fortunately, it is not yet my house - we are renting, with a view to buy - this has come up in an un-official survey (friend).... The problem is, we like the house, and have been offered it very cheap (before this problem came to light. So we can organise a claim on the existing freeholders...
  9. esox

    Ignition on-that sinking feeling.

    As i turned the key this afternoon a message flashed up on my dash-i wasnt expecting it quite yet and my heart sank:"service A due in 28 days"Now ive got to experience MB stealerships servicing skills first-hand.Wish me luck.
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