1. P

    ML alarm siren

    Hi all. My alarm on my ML270 CDi (53 plate) keeps going off for no reason. Have searched forum and think it may be the siren unit? Have seen them on Ebay for £100 but does the unit contain the battery for the siren and will solve the problem or are there other elements to replace? Many thanks...
  2. AMGeed

    W211 Alarm Siren.

    Finally a dry day to change my faulty alarm siren. Tested by locking the car and opening a door with the metal key. indicators flashed but not a peep from the alarm. I also wonder if the faulty siren is the cause of my slight current drain? I'll know soon enough. Anyway, this has been...
  3. paulgorringe

    Help to find CLK alarm siren

    My alarm is randomly going off, sometimes for only a short bleep or only indicators flash with no sound. I am lead to believe this could be caused by a faulty alarm siren. To test this I intend to unplug it until I can get a replacement. Please can anyone tell me where this siren is located...
  4. S


    Hi All, new ere so hello....ok 270 e class siren is continually making its noise keys wont switch it off nor did disconnecting the car battery. no lights are flashing, carnt turn ignition key once in its socket, any ideas??? I know where the siren is to disconnect and if I do this will the car...
  5. Alps

    W211 Alarm Siren replacement

    So whilst getting the car ready for TRAX, the Alarm siren went off whilst i was inside the car. It sounded distorted and crackly, as per the clip below Its common for the backup battery to leak and mess up the board inside Time for a new siren unit, Spoke to my usual parts guy at MB...
  6. MD5

    '96 SL500 MBSS Siren comes on

    The alarm siren randomly came on whilst driving today. The car is fitted with the MBSS system, with the red and green lights in the rear view mirror. Whilst the locking functions work fine, and the immobiliser comes on as it should etc, nothing I did could switch the alarm off, including turning...
  7. A

    w203 alarm siren

    Hi, my alarm siren is so quiet i can barely hear it. Does anyone have a replacement?
  8. 9

    Alarm siren

    I have just bought a 1995 R129 SL500. The alarm does not work, but the immobiliser does work. I have taken out the siren box and opened it up. The batteries have discharged some of their contents onto the printed circuit board. I have cleaned the pcb with electrical cleaner spray but it is not...
  9. dddooommm

    HELP: ECU wires cut & bypassed. what wires are they? CLK W209 re-map? Siren? Risistor

    MBCLUB- Please help- On my CLK W209, on the ECU, the previous owner has CUT two wires and bridged a resistor across it. (see pictures) (I'm guessing to tell the ECU that the said electrical component is "working" perfectly and putting out said resistance) I was told car has been re-mapped...
  10. Hawkwind

    Alarm Siren Replaced, Still Going Off

    As per the title really, though it's a bit of an on-going saga ( those with little patience may want to skip the background info :rolleyes:). So bought the car about 6 months ago (W208) and occasionally the hazards would flash, this would eventually kill the battery. After enquiring on here, I...
  11. rk100

    Alarm siren location

    Hi all Does anyone know the location of the alarm siren in a w215 Mercedes CL? From looking on the net other similar year models seem to have it under the passenger front wheel arch. Thanks
  12. vickster33

    New alarm Siren fitted. still not working

    Some advice would be nice if possible please. I had a new siren fitten at the weekend because I thought mine wasn't working. This seems to not have been the case. The new siren is not working either. I have check fuses 8,9,41 which I think are the correct ones. Can anyone please help or...
  13. V

    Vito Sport X Towing indicator siren

    Hello, have bought a Vito Sport X and am new to the forum. have looked through the manual and searched the forum but can't find out how to turn off the extra noisy indicator sound when towing. It's not just a relay noise, it's a proper sound that only happens when indicating while towing...
  14. R

    W208 CLK Alarm Siren

    Need a new siren with battery back up. Thought i would put out feelers to the club first before "greasing Mercedes palm" There is an identical one on ebay at moment [including the bracket ]:- Mercedes CLK 320 98-03 Alarm Siren Horn 2028202326, A386. This is identical but is in USA- and used...
  15. P

    alarm siren for w211 2003

    as above really, i have part numbers off my old one if you need.
  16. P

    WANTED- alarm siren w211 2003

    as above reallly, i have some part numbers to match up. Let me know if you have, cheers.
  17. K

    2003 S211 alarm siren going off!!

    Hello, My 53 reg E220 CDI ESTATE suddenly has the alarm going off. Remote key fob ON/ OFF does not make any difference. Car running or not does not make any difference. Its random, loud and persistent. Questions: 1. Its coming from O/S front fender. Can I remove the driver side front wheel...
  18. R

    Alarm Siren location ML270 - 2004

    Good evening, i am after some help please, i am trying to locate the alarm Siren on my ML270 CDI 53 / 2004 UK Model. i want to change it (suspect Back up Battery Failing!) after searching the forums the places i have looked so far is - under the panel at the bottom of windscreen and...
  19. 1945wickedred

    New alarm siren SL350.

    There is no stopping me today,bought new front brake discs for my SL350 this morning and now I have just bought a new alarm siren from MB Southend £84.50 + vat,is there no end to spending on these little beauties.New stainless steel exhaust with quad pipes 2 months back,new fuel tank in July to...
  20. F

    Alarm rf transmitter not working and no alarm siren

    Dear All I am new to this website, and in fact new to the whole forum resource that is available on the Internet. I have purchased a merc clk (2004), and after a bad experience with a "merc specialist" I would rather begin to learn and understand my car myself, and hopefully try to be a...
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