1. B

    What does your water temp sit at (W204 C63)

    Sorry for all the questions folks, you can tell I've got a new car, can't you?! My wayer temperature in normal use sits at 93 degrees according to the electronic readout, which looks about right for the needle gauge too. My only reason for wondering if this is high is that midpoint on the...
  2. mct_cars

    Going to Silverstone for the F1. Advice on where to stand / sit

    As per title, have the pleasure of going to Silverstone Saturday and Sunday. General Admission tickets, so wondering where the best place to stand / sit is to see the action? Also any advice on what to take would be useful too (i.e. is it worth taking a camping chair, rug, piece of plastic...
  3. Meldrew2

    Sit Vac - PT gardener, Southport.

    I've got a vacancy for a part-time gardener at my Caravan Park in Mere Brow, just outside Southport. One day (or a couple of part days) 8 hours per week @ £7.15 per hour (10% above NMW) - I make that £2860 pa - plus a small annual bonus based on inspector's assessment of this area for the David...
  4. P

    how much should centre bore sit on hub?

    Hi. I've just bought some wheels for my w164 ml which came off another ml of the same year. But for some reason the hub on my car doesn't reach the centre bore of my wheel. I'm assuming you should probably have a good 5mm inside to take the weight of the car. Can I cure this with hubcentric...
  5. Mike C63

    How do they sit like this, without falling?

  6. clk208

    Wanted - genuine bike holder to sit on MB roof bars

    Just acquired some genuine MB roof bars for my 219 CLS. I'm now after the bike carrier thing that you can attach to the bars - I think they fit to any MB model from about 2006 with the roof bars installed. MB Milton Keynes shop list these for £102 each, but if anyone has one lurking around...
  7. M

    Windscreen wiper blades sit to high

    Hi I'm a new owner of a ml270 cdi, everything is great except my wipers sit to high on the window, about 3/4 inches up from the bottom of the glass(when looking from drivers seat. I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be like this, would anyone know how to adjust them? And also my drivers door has...
  8. B

    How long do they sit at the factory?

    Does anybody know how long a car will be sat in the factory holding area before it is shipped to its destination. We got an e-mail on the 30th August saying it had been built and they had a chassis number and then another e-mail yesterday that it will be leaving the factory at 2am today (7th)...
  9. Godot

    Sit Back, Turn The Lights Down, Get Comfy

    Your watching Vimeo in Couch Mode...a rich variety in the stiches of the Tapestry of Life :rolleyes: :thumb: & hopefully this link will work ! It might not !! If it does Enjoy:bannana: If it is working & you don't care for one part you can fast forward to the next...
  10. D

    How long can you sit stationary in drive on an automatic

    With the ever increasing traffic jams and more automatics now than ever I was wondering how long people sit in drive rather than neutral/park when in traffic jams. My limited knowledge of auto gearboxes leads me to believe that it wouldn't take too long (minutes maybe) to overheat a torque...
  11. nick mercedes

    while the police sit in anpr vans on bypasses....

    While the diligent police busy themselves hunting for people with no mot or expired tax discs.... "Police priority for fraud investigation is low - in fact it isn't on their list of priorities," said Mr Kirk." "If you were an ordinary member of public taking your complaint about a fraud...
  12. Godot

    Sit back & Enjoy :cool:
  13. R

    Don't you just hate when people sit on your bonnet......

    Don't you just hate when people sit on your bonnet......
  14. T

    How can I get the Comand to "sit" in the dash?

    Hi Are some of you able to tell me where i can order the parts "2 x frames" that are necessary to install a Comand (A 210 820 xx 89) in a ML? I've attached a picture of them. I asked my MB dealer, but without any luck. Best regards / Med vennlig hilsen Terje
  15. Koolvin

    How far back do you sit?

    I just saw this picture (see below) and I thought gawd... do I really sit that far back? yikes!!!!
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