1. mercmancdi

    Has television ( Malcolm ) left the site

    Been away a while , has television left .
  2. Psilonaught

    UK based online parts site?

    Guys i need to order the below parts for my rear e63 AMG valence. Is there a UK site that would have then to order online? I can only find german and US based ones?? (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A212885502 (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A2128855321 (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A2128855421
  3. Ronan1982

    Mercedes Indie that does MOT on site

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a Mercedes benz specialist located within London that also carries out MOTs on there premises? Used a few independent Merc specialists that have been great, but when the car has been taken off site to have its MOT the car has been damaged/marked. Car is Due...
  4. lisa110rry

    Are Privilege Allparts of Oldham represented on this site?

    Went to 'parts shark' and researched a couple of parts for my car with them today and then drove there to buy a couple of things for my service and MOT and a couple of minor upgrades for tomorrow. I bought an offside rear light cluster and a driver's side window mechanism, all in, including VAT...
  5. c180081c

    Assigning private number plate - site down?

    Hi guys, can anybody access the site to assign a personal number plate today? When I click next it says sorry it isn't currently available but I use a Mac and apparently there have been issues, can anybody with a windows computer access it?
  6. vijilants

    Good site if you need a new car battery

    I found this site when looking for a car battery..... Prices appear to be far better than most suppliers if anybody is interested and includes free next day delivery. They also do the Varta Products with a good warranty.
  7. KillerHERTZ

    My Car on Russian Numberplate Spotting Site

    Weird :dk: Doesnt seem dodgy, I guess its like our Numberplate spotted thread. Awaits people complaining about my parking (it was 7:50 in the evening in a virtually empty 'Wickes' carpark just as it was about to close) :D
  8. C

    ECP 25% discount code invaled but advertised on the start page of this site!

    As above, there's a live advert for code MBCLUB25 on the homepage of this site (and has been there for the previous 2days as well), but when you go to enter the code on the ECP site, it says 'invalid' - just called ECP and they said it's because they currently have a 10% discount code...
  9. D

    zero deposit, 0% finance alloy wheels site

    Don't know if anyones interested, but are doing zero deposit, 0% interest finance on all wheels. Used them before, always good service. Worth checking out. :thumb:
  10. MSG2004

    Check Your MOT Site - Gov Site

    Hello Just been checking our cars, all recorded correctly, but a problem with a friends car and he will phone the garage he got his car mot'd Just type your reg and make.
  11. R

    Is there a good indie comparison site - is motorcodes good?

    these guys have teamed up with AA - sounds like a merger more than independent review have you guys used motorcodes?
  12. daverogers2001

    Newby Here to Site & C63AMG

    Hi all, Just thought I would say a Big Hi to you all as am new on here. Also just picked up a C63 AMG. Oh and I love it. Dave
  13. chrislawton

    newb to the site

    Hi all. Ive been lurking on this site for a while so i thought id introduce myself. I live near exeter and have access to mb star if anyone local needs any diag done (free) :thumb: I am a self employed mechanic and one of my customers recently emigrated so i bought his retro w202 c230k esprit...
  14. N

    Google maps is now crap, what other site?

    WTF have they done to Google maps? The page is covered with boxes & it is unusable now. Until recently you had the option of going back to "classic" gmaps, but that seems to be gone. What sites do other people find easy & clear to use now that this one is useless?
  15. grober

    Official Mercedes Benz Clubs site down.

    The official Mercedes Benz Clubs site in Germany is down for most club members at the moment due to a possible Denial of Service Attack. This means access to the EPC to club members is not available at present. Just in case anyone is trying to access the site.
  16. S

    Newbie to site just need a bit of advice

    Hi everyone just brought an 02 plate mercedes e class w210 diesel automatic have gone from a Vectra to this and WOW what a difference in car amazing but first off the cars done 127000 miles with FSH upto March 2013 and all previous services are just oil change and mot upto now! It's due mot in...
  17. A

    Who do I contact regarding an online order off this site's shop?

    Hi Does anyone actually run the shop section of the site?:dk: I have placed an order and there is no progress on the order and have sent messages without a response.:wallbash: Can someone help or will I have to try and get my money back? Any help is greatly appreciated.:thumb:
  18. terry@yarmouth

    mercedes service site

    hello all. anyone got any idea when mercedes are going to finish upgrading there service site, seems like its been offline for weeks ?. it was useful for bits n bobs, mainly getting the spec on your car, service record etc, all i keep getting is wait for the upgrade but no inkling of when...
  19. T

    VIN does not work on MB site

    Hi , Could someone help here, signed up on the MB site and log onto "My Mercedes" , if I put in the VIN number it is not recognised , it is a 59 plate E220 Estate Avantgarde. VIN no WDB2112082B400309. I have only had the car for a couple of months but pretty sure of its pedigree, VIN number on...
  20. J

    Just bought a w211 270cdi and just joined the site

    HI all, I've just bought a w211 270cdi with 67k on it. It had transmission fluid changed at 33k so I think it needs changing again?! I live near gravesend in Kent, and was wondering if there are any good merc service specialists in my area that will give my car a kind of once-over 'health...
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