1. A

    Rear suspension sitting low

    Help! My 2005 E Class 320CDI Advantgarde Estate was being serviced yesterday. It was up on ramps. It didn't return to its normal ride height and is sitting very low at the rear. The front looks slightly higher. I'd guess as the rear is low. Any ideas?? Please don't say expensive!!! Thanks
  2. D

    W219 Sitting High

    Evening everyone. I recently changed the front shocks on my CLS 320CDI and now it is sitting significantly higher than it was before, probably by about 40 - 50 mm. Everything was replaced as it should be (there is not much to get wrong) and it has had a full 4 wheel alignment afterwards...
  3. ss201

    W124 illuminated visor loom - hope you're sitting down

    Pal of mine wanted to retro-fit illuminated sun visors in his W124......changed his mind when he priced up the tiny wiring loom at the dealership. £170 to you sir!
  4. Reggie-rock

    Battery sitting in water on my CLK W209

    I noticed the other day the bottom of my battery on my CLK W209 was under water, so today was my first opportunity to investigate. After taking the battery out, the battery tray underneath was swimming in water so I removed the 3 bolts holding it and removed it, what a disgusting mess...
  5. L

    W210 boot lid not sitting flush? Help

    It's been bugging me for a while now my w210 e55 boot lid doesn't not seem to sit flush seem to sit abit high, is there anyway of adjusting it? Thanks
  6. Mrhanky

    Sitting at MSL currently

    So Im sitting in the MSL reception doing some work on the laptop and of course looking at this forum. Its in for a service and a couple of other bits and pieces. The question is will I be able to resist asking about a remap or not? At this point Im not sure if my will is going to hold :wallbash:
  7. D

    W212 sitting high at the back?

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help me, just bought my first mercedes E350 cgi saloon and it seems to be sitting very high in the back. I've seen a few e classes about but the seem more level on the back. Is it just me or is this something I should get checked? Any info would be helpful. Thanks...
  8. W

    S500 coupe been sitting

    Another I would pick up if i had the space ... Be fun bringing it back .. MERCEDES COUPE C500 WITH PRIVATE PLATE "MY SCAM" BARN FIND!! | eBay
  9. S

    Rear suspension sitting at different level

    I was washing car today and noticed the car was sitting lop sided,the nsr is sitting 3/4" lower than osr fronts are dead the same. Any idea's why this would be eg damaged spring or damper and does it matter or affect handling Thanks
  10. Conquistador

    Bentley Flying Spur sitting on bricks

    Ouch :( :( Flying Spur up on bricks in Chelsea. p!ss poor alarm system if the car didn't even notice it was having its wheels nicked. Looks like somebody has a Bentley locking wheel nut key. They will probably be on an A4 or Golf by now!
  11. L

    my13 C Coupe not sitting comfy - any tips?

    New C Coupe sports Auto with 18" wheels. I'm finding it a hard ride, but mainly I think the seats are quite firm and there is little lumbar support. I'm getting a numb backside and right leg on longer journeys. I keep fiddling with the seat adjustments but havent cracked it yet. Anyone get the...
  12. D

    W124 CE Arch Sitting on Wheel on One Side?

    Hi, Basically, I have 18" AMG 8J ET31 nothing wrong with fitment apart from the rear drivers side. For some reason its literally sitting on the arch - Cant even put a pen in-between the tyre and the arch. However on the other side, its perfectly fine? Any reasons why at all? I currently...
  13. G

    Help! 560sec front end sitting too high

    Front end is sitting right up in the air by about 2 inches more than the rear which seems to be the correct height. Seems to get worse after filling up with petrol. I'm stumped!
  14. E

    W211 sitting lower at the back

    W211 / E class sport with the multi spoke Alloys where the rear ones are slightly smaller and wider than the front. When looking at it side on it looks like its sitting lower at the rear than the front. I have seen other cars with the same sports pack and Wheels and they seem to sit level. Is...
  15. J

    My W211 is sitting on its a$$

    W211 E55 with Airmatic. Came out this evening after the car had been sitting for a week and noticed the rear of the car practically sitting on the wheels! Strange thing was though, as soon as I unlocked the doors there was a psht psht noise and the rear of the car was back to normal height...
  16. BillyW124

    w211 320 sitting very low this morning

    :dk: left my house this morning for work and had a gander at the cars on the drive before leaving (as you do) and the 211 was sitting flat on the ground. The front end has drooped so low that the tyres are hitting the front fenders. I literally cnt put any fingers through. Has it lost...
  17. SilverSaloon

    Aircon only working when 40mph+ (not sitting in traffic)

    on my 1994 W124 on my trip down south recently, i noticed that the aircon stopped working on several occasions (but not always) when the car was sitting idling in traffic at eng temp ~90deg. approx 20 degrees outside. then, when i started to accelerate and reached about 40mph it started to...
  18. N

    Various parts just sitting around need space!

    Front Passenger door in blue for sale, not sure what blue but will need respray as too many scratches on it there are no dents was for my car. Also W202 sill trim removed when car was new and replaced by side skirts. W220 S class CAT from stealer brand new just sitting around need space I...
  19. bh13coupe

    w124 coupe sitting too high on oem springs

    bear with my this is my first post. I have recently changed my springs and shocks on my w124 e320 coupe. previously i had after market springs (fitted by previous owner) that allowed the car to sit too low and the ride was harsh. I fitted new bilstein HD shocks all round and switched to oem...
  20. W

    Car not sitting properly on suspension

    So... a new problem tonight....:( Jacked the car up (front LHS) to inspect the bolts going through the wishbones to see what bolts are fitted to the wishbones (re: my W202 camber thread). Anyways, when I lowered the car back to the ground the rear LHS is now sitting about 30mm higher than the...
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