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    ET question for my 210

    Hi everyone. Trying to get my head around wheel/tyr sizes as I want to change the wheels on my 210 320 cdi elegance. Current rims are 7.5J 5x112 R16s. Can I just buy any rims that show this size or do I have to worry about offset/ET too? If so, does anyone know the ET on my rims? And/or, is...
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    wheel size/offset question

    I have happened across a set of 16" Mercedes 16 hole alloys Part number 129 400 01 02 size 8J x 16 ET34 a few questions 1, any idea what they were originally fitted to? 2, can they be persuded to fit my 1989 230TE? which has a stock wheel size of 6 1/2J x 15 ET48 3, I realise...
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