1. C

    What are my wheel size options for my E63 estate?

    As above I pick up my 2014 E63 estate in a couple of days and already thinking of changing the wheels to something with a concave/Vossen look and perhaps up to 20". From the outset I was never a fan of the factory wheels so was already in my mind about replacing them (as well as changing the...
  2. Psilonaught

    Correct 19" winter tyre size for 63 plate e63

    Bit confused by the manual on winter tyre fitment. It says the rears are either of the below. FA: 255/35 R19 96 RA: 285/30 R19 98 I thought the rear alloys were staggered so how can you fit rears that are identical to the front?! What sizes of 19 winters are people running on their...
  3. RickyBurrows

    tyre size advice?

    Ok I'm having some issues with the correct tyre wall size to match front to back without any rubbing issues, I currently have a 245 35 19 front on 8.5j and rear is 275 35 19 on a 9.5j, my problem if you haven't already guessed is the huge tyre wall on the rear its terrible and ugly! So my...
  4. MWCLS

    New silver size large dislock clam style,

    Brand new, padded inside fits CLS. E, CLK and S, many other models, 3 keys unused cost me £134.99 £90 Collection from IG3 Essex due to weight. Michael 07912 284996
  5. G

    slk 32amg, sl55amg supercharger washer and pulley size?

    Hi guys does anyone have a spare washer of the slk 32 or 55 supercharger pulley they can sell to me (cant get off mercedes seperate- have to buy the whole pulley unit) also might be a daft question is this a 65mm pulley that came on the car?
  6. G

    W211 E270 Oil Filter size

    Hi all, What size of a wrench/socket do you need for removal and installation of the oil filter in a 2004 W211 E270 CDI? Thanks in advance
  7. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Help! Need wheel bolt size for W639 Vito Mark 2

    I need new M14x1.5 wheel bolts for my W639's new alloy wheels. Long enough to be secure but not so long that they foul the handbrake mechanism in the rear drum/disc. Can anyone please tell me how far they should protrude from the back of the wheel in mm? Bolts were supplied with the wheels...
  8. clk320x

    Light bulb size help

    Will a 268 36mm bulb fit in a CLK number plate light? I believe it's meant to be 239 but they look the same and there is a 3mm difference I believe it should still fit in the holder and work right? Cheers Abs
  9. M

    Tyre Size

    May seem a silly Question but why does Mercedes Put different Tyres on the back as to the front ? On a 17" wheel they are the same size but I have the AMG Style 18" wheels and they are front 225x45x18 front and 245x40x18 rear Magpiemalemerc
  10. merc85

    What is the Correct wheel size and Offset w211 55k

    As above, What is the correct size and Offset of wheel fitted originally to a w211 e55k?
  11. C

    C-Class W204 estate boot size

    I understand that my W204 C-Class estate has a boot capacity of 480 litres. The newest Golf estate claims 605 litres (and is a few centimetres shorter). Is the W204 boot really that tiny? How did they make it that small compared to other similar-sized cars??
  12. Pathewolf

    Men's Nike Air Max 90 Size 8.5 Brand New In Box

    As pictured Brand New Nike Air Max 90 In Wolf Grey Solar Red White And Black These Retail For £89 Will Take £50 And Will Send 2nd Class Recorded Delivery, Can Also Deliver Close To London E8 if Preferred! Any Questions Just PM Me Cheers
  13. D

    Drain plug size on rear diff w204

    Hi guys, am after a magnetic drain plug on the rear diff for a w204 c220 CDC sport 2007 Can any one advise the size or where to locate a good one, have looked at dimple which seem to be good but I don't know the size. Am busy cleaning sorting and getting the car up to the condition I want I...
  14. SilverSaloon

    W124 self levelling valve stripped threads. Which size tap?

    Replaced the SLS lines today on my 1994 W124 estate. However on the levelling value to one of the main 6mm pipes, the threads are stripped. I want to repair this with helicoil, but need to know the type and size of the union/bolt for that part... (ie size and whether its metric/imperial...
  15. R

    Odd rim size tyre question (8/18/et37

    I have a spare set of wheels that I know fit the ML320/W163 as it was delivered with them on (happy). 255/55/18 However I'm now running 275/55/17 on a set of MB appropriate alloys. Question, whilst restoring the 8/18/h2/et37; what tyres could be fitted? Having lived with 275 I do not...
  16. D

    Spare wheel size

    Hi, I have a GLC AMG Line Coupe on 19" wheels with no spare. It has 255/50 tyres on the rear and 235/55 front, given the difference in tyre wall height would one space saver be suitable for use front and rear.
  17. L

    Alpinestars Waterproof motor cycle boots. Size 45

    Alpinestars S-MX4 waterproof motor cycle boots. Waterproof as wellies but better for you on a motor bike. The size is 45 but I am a 44 and they fit perfectly. Great condition with very little wear. I was a fair weather rider :rolleyes: £70 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  18. L

    Alpinestars Motor cycle boots. Size 44

    Alpinestars Super tech R vented boots. The most comfortable boots I ever wore. Removable inner boot and great protection. Very little wear on the sole. £75 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  19. D

    W211 rear brakes ring spanner size

    Can anyone tell me what size(s) of ring spanner I need to remove the rear brake hoses? Obviously want to make sure I have everything I need before disconnecting anything. Also, any other tips on this job would be appreciated, car failed the MOT on rusty brake pipes up in the wheel wells. I've...
  20. tomtoms

    Best size eclass alloys

    Hi again, Just had my 18'' alloys refurbed however I personally feel they look a little small on the e class. Now I am wanting to sell them and either get 19'' or 20'' however I'm undecided. Does anyone have a w212 with 20's because I have a feel them will ruin the ride a lot even though...
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