1. GLK

    FREE - 80mm & Credit Card sized CD/DVD Jewel Cases

    I have a few new and unused 80mm & credit card sized CD/DVD jewel cases - free to a forum member, just need to pay the postage - £2.85 for a small parcel. There are eight 80mm cases, and seven CC-sized ones: Please PM or email me for further details, etc.
  2. B

    Full Sized Spare Wheel W204

    Hi, I have a 2013 C Class AMG 350 CD Blue Efficiency Sport Estate. It has a "Space Saver" spare. I want to fit a full sized spare wheel. I have bought, from a salvage company, a rear rim, but my independant dealer believes that if fitted to the front, it (8.5J) will be too wide, and foul the...
  3. Mr Fixit

    full sized spare

    Do I need any differant parts to get a full sized spare in the boot, the C32 seems to have space but there is a foam insert with a puncture kit etc (a la BMW). if I do this ;- Front or rear wheel or does one fit both?? Cheers PS sorry if covered before searchy no worky (probably me though)
  4. G

    Another brake problem: Different sized pads??

    The replacement pads I got from Pagid are smaller than the original ones and though they will fit, they do not fill the entire rotor as the old ones did... here is a picture so you guys can see: The old ones are on the bottom, the new ones are on top. Are these...ok to use? I would think...
  5. LTD

    You have a car sized display case in your very large room ...

    You can have any car within it but it's not for driving. What's your nominee for the car you would like to have in it ?
  6. M

    where to buy odd sized house doors?

    we have some downstairs doors where the frames are 40 x 730 x 2050mm. anyone know where we could by replacement doors in that size - we want to update the house. cheers matt p.s. yes- they are all internal doors
  7. fenns

    Any point in a different sized spare wheel?

    My a124 currently rides on 16" rims fitted with 215 x 55 section tyres but the spare is one of the original 8 hole 15" MB alloys fitted with 205 x 60 section tyres. The car has ASD and I'm concerned that if I use the spare the different sizing might possibly damage it. If I have no option...
  8. SilverSaloon

    sized caliper piston

    hi i went to replace brake pads on all 4 corners of the new saloon (W124 1995) today. All went fine with 3 corners. Apart from passenger front - the piston doesnt seem to be able to be pushed back in far enough to allow the new pad to fit - i think its siezed. Any ideas on trying to...
  9. Tan

    Fitting a DIN Sized head unit into a New CLK

    Hi Can anAudio 30 APS (Regular Din Size) be fitted into the new shapeCLK. I know that head unit is a different shap, but connection wise is it the same? Secondly is there an adaptor available that will allow a regular shaped head unit to be fitted into the CLK dash. Regards Tan
  10. C

    over sized head gasket

    first of all i would like to say hello to everyone at the club i have a 1991 w124 300e thats had its head skimmed i have been trying to locate an over sized gasket does anyone know of a suppler for the above item in the Kent area thanks in advance :) chilled
  11. Sp!ke

    Single DIN sized PC

    Now that *IS* small
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