1. T

    W140 Ski Hatch

    Hi, I have no ski hatch on my W140. But, I understand that all W140's have a plastic cover over a hole behind the rear armrest?. I was thinking of just making the hole so I poke my Ski's through in my Ski Bag?. Anyone else done it as a long load option? I know the Factory option was...
  2. T

    Retrofit ski hatch into W210

    I have been looking at a 51 E320 saloon that is for sale locally to me. Is it possible to retrofit a ski hatch in the rear bulkhead? I have read that this car has the fuel tank behind the seats, but I also read that a ski hatch was an optional extra. I see that this guy did it to a W211...
  3. S

    Ski box and Roof rack on ebay 251641206999

    Open to offers as I cant find another one for sale as a guide. Or point me in the right direction. W124 Genuine roof bars W124 Genuine roof box with keys. In excellent contition Can sell separately or complete Collection SE24 London Text 07595922411 if you have any questions Thnaks
  4. grober

    Michael_Schumacher crashes!

    The need for speed? Michael_Schumacher reported to have sustained a head injury while skiing solo off piste----wearing a helmet so initial fears he was seriously injured are receding.
  5. Abdul

    W208 CLK Ski loading bag

    Hi guys, takin this out of my clk as I want to run a small subwoofer through the ski hatch. The ski bag looks unused! It's a straight swap for the standard ski hatch, 6 screws to remove iirc. Pm me with your email add for pics. Open to offers. Based in ilford Essex. Cheers
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Ski Jump Cam

    Woah, I want to do this! GdHU1h08q6Q#!
  7. jaymanek

    If Anyone is bored and want to see me ski...

    Ski Trip Last Week.... Day 1-3 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - PART 1 - YouTube Day 4-5 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - PART 2! - YouTube Off Piste Day Part 1 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - OFF PISTE DAY 1 OF 2 - YouTube...
  8. EDZ649

    R129 Ski Rack

    Not seen one of these before.... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  9. BlackC55

    SKI CROSS on BBC2 now

    Anyone watching this Its brilliant! I wish I could ski 'cos it looks like brilliant fun
  10. SportsCoupeRich

    Ski Boots

    Off skiing in March and need a new pair of ski boots. I have very high arches and struggle to find comfy ones - any tips on boots / fitters in London / cheaper retailers? thanks
  11. Lugy

    Introducing the new Mercedes ski tow

    YouTube - BorderRun_Dec2009_02.mp4 :o:bannana:
  12. C240Sport97

    Swiss ski chalet available Xmas and New Year

    Posting for a mate who is going to Switzerland to be a ski instructor this coming ski season. ********************* Self- Catering apartment available for rent Christmas and New Year: LENZERHEIDE “Switzerland’s Best Kept Ski Secret” Switzerland's best-kept ski secret | Travel | The...
  13. M

    boot mounted ski rack for 124 coupes

    I am going to have to order one of these! Always fancied taking my coupe to the mountains in winter. this is from the mercedes dismantler in Germany and they have more than 10 of them
  14. G

    Removing rear seats back?? W215 (CL500) no ski bag

    Hello guys, I need to remove the rear back of the rear seats on my car, I need to install some wiring for my ice installation, I managed to strip down the rest of the car, but I do not seem to be able to find ... how to remove the rear seats. I removed the bolts on the sides (near rear side...
  15. grober


    I am I the only one who shudders to see this questionable "sales aid" on dealers forecourts. :crazy: I refer to these almost 45 degree display ramps where a car is left sitting at steep incline for days on end. :eek: :crazy: 4x4 vehicles aside leaving a car in a position in which its...
  16. Gollom

    HOWTO: W211 (E-class) Ski Hatch retrofit

    Mods - please move to HOWTO section Once again, Mr. Walker of 124Works helped by doing the actual cutting! (met James Fearn too - nice bloke!) I would not be surprised it this worked for W203 too This was a whole lot easier than I anticipated. Hope it helps someone out there - was nice to...
  17. Gollom

    Ski Hatch in W211

    I could REALLY do with one of these in my E-class (fishing rods/poles don't collapse as much as they did when I were a boy!) I know that making a folding rear seat retrospectively is impossible due to the construction, but is there ANY way of making a ski hatch?
  18. Howard

    Ski Boat for Sale

    Hi all, We have a ski boat for sale , if anyone is interested. Set yourself up for the summer .... I will just put the Ebay link in if thats ok , to save me having to type it all out and attach loads of pictures ..... Its my ad, so i guess it can be here in 'Classifieds' instead of...
  19. kid320

    ski hatch

    Hello people , anybody know what the part number is for a ski hatch fold down flap that goes between the 60/40 split back seats for a clk w208 or where i can find this number. Thank you Taff
  20. Thmsshaun

    Custom Ski Hatch

    Custom Ski Hatch (Now done with Pics) Just got some more goodies for the ice install and the boot seems to be harnessing an awful lot of sound. I think i read somewhere about a custom made ski hatch (Maybe Koolvin). Any ideas on how i should go about doing this? Or has anyone else done...
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