1. WDB124066

    Sunscreen saves your skin but wrecks your car paintwork

    Imagine if this catches on. I think somebody may need to change a formula or two.
  2. CTR55

    R230. SL55 AMG Front bumper skin

    As above, Removed from my car. Finished in Tellurite Silver, few scuffs on the under side but not seen when fitted to car, no cracks, supplied loose with all three grills and fog lights. (one with a small crack, only noticed when they were taken off) . Looking for sound £220
  3. Koolvin

    Forum Theme Poll

    Poll to see what forum skin users are using :thumb:
  4. V

    w124 roof skin, has anybody replaced one?

    Hey Everyone, My roof is rusting around my sunroof, I ve had it sprayed but the sprayshop reckon i need a new roof skin, is it a serious job? Am I best pick one up in a scrap yard? Peter
  5. D

    Amg Front Bumper Skin

    I Have a amg fornt bumper but i didnt realise that there is no washer holes on the front, but i have jets on my car. Has anybody from experience or knowledge attempted or cut in washer holes in their bumper??
  6. I

    CLK W208 Roof Skin Wanted

    Long shot i know, need a roof skin for a 2001 CLK. Dealers want £300, anyone know where i can get one cheaper please? pretty urgent thanks
  7. J

    New Skin For My Merc

    Hi all, I am thinking about having my car repainted. Its not that old, a 1999 C43 Brilliant Silver with 65k miles, but has a fair share of nasty stone chips on the bonnet, and was keyed few months ago above one of the the rear wheel archs. It will cost about £300 to paint the bonnet and...
  8. GrahamC230K

    Kenwood Media Player Skin

    Follow this link Kenwood Media Player Skin and check out the Pop-up Window to get the official Kenwood Media Player Skin. Very Nice! PS I want my car to look like this (with the engine to match)!
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