1. Howard

    Back to the old(ish) skool pt2

    Saw this bad boy round the corner from me today ! Loved these T5R's , especially in custard yellow. This one was mint.
  2. Howard

    Back to the old skool

    Followed this home yesterday , sounded lovely , a real rorty sound. Didn't struggle to keep up with it , but the sound was great and it was nippy. Full rollcage , car was mint. Really really nice :cool: I want one.
  3. wobbly

    Old Skool AMG Steering Wheel

    Not mine, but I know the seller. Really nice, and I remember the car it came from.
  4. EDZ649

    Rare old skool AMG badge

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  5. Howard

    Another old skool AMG steering wheel

    mercedes w124 w126 amg steering wheel | eBay UK
  6. Howard

    Old Skool AMG Steering Wheel

    Love these ! :cool: amg/ steering wheel | eBay UK
  7. Howard

    Another old skool AMG steering wheel

    Dreaming on the price though :rolleyes: Genuine AMG Mercedes Italvolanti wooden steering wheel on eBay (end time 04-Mar-11 13:23:10 GMT)
  8. Howard

    Back to the old skool !! 190e AMG steering wheel

    :cool: mercedes 190 AMG steering wheel on eBay (end time 19-Feb-11 15:07:19 GMT)
  9. Howard

    Old Skool AMG brochure

    Gorgeous Mercedes Benz AMG Brochure Pack of 1987 on eBay (end time 28-Jun-09 20:31:21 BST)
  10. talbir

    Old Skool AMG w123

    This is precious.... Perfectly done. talbir
  11. Howard

    Old skool Brabus split rims :cool:
  12. Howard

    Old Skool AZEV's

    Used to love these wheels when i was young ... very few cars that they didn't look good on...
  13. Howard

    Old Skool AMG steering wheel ..
  14. Howard

    Old Skool AMG steering wheel :cool:
  15. Howard

    Back to the old skool

    How nice would this be to cruise around in this summer ? :cool:
  16. wobbly

    Old skool steering wheel, Yes or No ?

    I bought a old style Momo steering wheel a few days ago, and fitted it today. Its slightly smaller than the origional, but has thicker grip, the colour isnt a perfect match, but is ok. Im not sure if Im going to keep it or not, what do you think. Origional MB wheel Momo wheel...
  17. W210 Fan

    Stunning old skool BBS rims

    BBS Rims These are 4 sets of rims that a friend of mine is selling, he told me he was refurbishing them and I am amazed at the results, they really do look amazing, Not all rims are Merc fitment but stunning anyway,
  18. wobbly

    Lorinser steering wheel, Old Skool

    Thought someone might be interested.
  19. Howard

    Back to the Old Skool !!!

    My pal Josh has just finished sorting out and doing up his Y reg 280 SEL ... Our other pals Tom and Anna are getting married in 3 weeks and are gonna use it as their wedding car , how old skool is that ? :rock: Anyway, i just thought you'd appreciate a piccy of the 'beast' ... Not many...
  20. Howard

    Old Skool Carat Duchatelet Alloys

    If I needed a set for a w124 , I would buy these ... old skool :rock: Shame there's only two centre caps, I imagine finding Bin Laden would be easier than finding two new caps ...
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