1. A

    Merc SL129 "sales pitch"

    I was just browsing and saw this. Thought I wonder what it says about it!, 201199570987. Sorry link to follow. So.... Is this true or a great salesman?? (Without a proof reader which always bugs me)
  2. M

    sl129 xenon bulb change

    :dk:Hello all, xenon bulb out on my sl129 2001, book says only dealer change xenon bulbs, as it could be fatal even if lights and ignition turned off? I know bulbs and ignitors are expensive, parts will be £200 and one hours labour to fix at £193!!!!!!!!! help please, all comments...
  3. T

    sl129 bodykit

    Hi if anyone's interested in a AMG body kit for a sl 129 for sale in Germany, don't see to many of these.Spoilersatz Bodykit kompl. AMG 60 SL R129 Mercedes in Bietigheim | eBay
  4. keysl

    SL129 What size tyres for these rims...

    Have a '94 SL. The rim sizes are 18x8 on the front and 18x8.5 on the back. They are the regular AMG reps you see on a lot of SL's from this era. It's currently sat on (what I think are the wrong size) Front - 235/40 18 Rear - 265/35 18 I think the correct sizes would be.... Front -...
  5. I

    Heads up: Late SL129 SE Blue coming up for sale soon

    I've seen this and it's nice, let me know if you want more info. That should read R129 500SL Special Edition :eek:
  6. EDZ649

    R129 Under bonnet Insulation

    Common problem on 129's. This is a bargain, costs £75 from MB :) New Mercedes SL 500 R129 under bonnet insulation. on eBay (end time 10-Dec-09 19:41:34 GMT)
  7. EDZ649

    SL129 Front bumper removal

    Hi all, anyone know how to remove the front bumber on a 1994 SL, i.e. where the mounts are? If you have the diagrams that would be even better! TIA :)
  8. EDZ649

    SL129 8 Hole Alloys

    Just found these.... mercedes 500 sl 129 wheels and tyres on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 28-Jun-09 17:45:49 BST)
  9. EDZ649

    SL129 Rollbar problem

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this but on two occasions recently the rollbar in my SL600 (R129) has deployed, once when going around a right hand turn and once over some bumps. Would I be correct in assuming this could be down to a faulty sensor somewhere?:confused:
  10. N

    AMG Rims. Will these really fit on an SL129?

    Nice looking AMG rims but i thought the offset was diffrent to this any advice welcomed
  11. B

    AMG wheels fit a sl129

    could anybody tell me whether this amg size wheel 8.5 J x 18 H2 ET47 will fit a 129 SL and what car would this fit nomally
  12. P

    static feedback when accelerating hard SL129

    Hi, I have noticed that when I push my car really hard I get some form of electrical feedback (static) coming from the front of the dash somewhere :( it seems to crackle in tune with the rev counter ... Does anyone have any ideas where to start ? Also I had my windscreen replaced...
  13. M

    Can anyone tell me about this SL129 interior?

    Hi, I saw the below interior picture on a dealers website for a SL500 96N and wondered if the interior was a special edition or an aftermarket jobby, or just me being ignorant because I dont think I've ever seen one like this in an N reg SL, it looks so much newer. Any help would be much...
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