1. B

    1988 sl300 r107 window/interior light fault

    Just purchased a 1988 sl300, it's a lovely example with just a few little issues, when I got the car home I realised the interior lights didn't work 4 in total one in each foot well and one either side above sunvisors, all had been disconnected I connected them back up and all worked in...
  2. A

    1991 sl300

    Hoping for some help identifying the problem: enthusiastic driver but zero ability when it comes to maintenance! Mechanic suggesting change of spark plugs and leads. Experiencing vibration beneath driver's seat when idling at roundabout, traffic lights etc. Something is affecting the...
  3. L

    HELP! SL300 soft top back flap won't go down!

    The roof itself will go up and down, it will fold up nicely and go into boot but when it comes up the back flap will not go down.
  4. GilesB

    1987 sl300 silver only 59k miles

    Hi there all I have a very nice SL300 which has only done 59K, its almost perfect and has never seen the rain, I wish to sell her so if anyone is ntreteded please call me at work, Battery Megastore 01684 298 800 Thanks
  5. oshea

    91 plate sl300 spares wanted

    Hi all. Looking for a set of clocks ( instrument cluster) for a 91 plate sl300. Also looking for the electric roof modual that sits under rear seat and a hard top. I am in leicestershire but i can travel to collect. Thanks Sean
  6. lordlee

    SL300 Turbo

    Potentially an interesting car for the money - you'd have to lose those wheels (inc steering wheel) and replace them with some nice 16" 8 Holes or the like but otherwise it looks nice. I wonder what bhp the engine has and who did the conversion. Mercedes SL300 Turbo » 4Star Trade
  7. oshea

    wanted spares for a 91 plate sl300

    Hi I am in need of a ignition with barrel and keys..set of clocks and the modual that opens the soft top. I am located in leicestershire but dont mind travelling to collect Thanks
  8. W

    It's back ... The SL300 Turbo..

    Mercedes SL300 Twin Turbo | eBay
  9. N

    Sl300 r129

    I have a 1993 R129 SL300, When the automatic gearbox changes from first gear to second gear the sound of the gear change is odd it is like it is flaring, this only happens at certain speed if I am driving slowly or very hard it does not happen. also at times the opposite happens and the gear...
  10. N

    New to me SL300 - any midlands members know it?

    Hi all Have just returned to the club after purchasing a red SL300 from Benz Bavarian in Duffield (near Derby). It's sporting it's original registration (K***KRC) although the HPI check indicates that it's had several personal registrations over the years. Has been A*VVN and HG**81 according...
  11. P

    Which engine is best for a SL?

    I'm looking at buying an early 90's SL and I was set on a 5 litre V8 (as I've always wanted a V8), but there appear to be many more good examples of 300's around. I assume these are a 3 litre straight 6 engine, but what would I gain in ecomomy/lose in performance with this engine against the...
  12. J

    1993 sl300 24 exhaust systemrf

    Where can I get a middle a rear exhaust boxes. New to SL parts
  13. M

    1992(J) Sl300

    Mercedes 300 SL, 129-series, 1992, six-cylinder, low 77,500 miles, auto, power hood and hard top, silver, MoT to June 2014, big spec includes memory seats, rear mirror and steering column; grey perforated leather orthopaedic heated seats, many more extras including dual suspension setting...
  14. D

    Considering 1991 SL300 - advice

    Thinking of buying an SL 300 J reg . Did these have a problem with rust or was it before the cost cutting. The bodywork seems to be in pretty good nick. Anything to look out for?
  15. 2

    SL300 Styling kit ...

    Not an ebay ad. Not sure why someone would spend thousands for that conversion. Although looking at it the second time round, he has done a rather good job of it. 1991 MERCEDES-BENZ SL CLASS 300 SL-24 2DR AUTO [5] VH TUNING STYLING KIT
  16. M

    Advice for buying a 1990's SL

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a 300/320SL I would appreciate advice on what to look out for and a fair guide price for the car in the UK Thanks Chris:)
  17. EDZ649

    Cheap SL300

    Needs the roof sorting but cheap as chips... 1990 H REG MERCEDES SL 300 CONVERTIBLE AUTO BLUE on eBay (end time 29-Nov-10 15:58:03 GMT)
  18. S

    M SL300 needs a full respray, any recommendations

    Hi need a full respray on my Mercedes SL300, anyone know any good bodyshops around Romford Essex, willing to travel abit.
  19. DSB SL AMG

    SL300 R129 flat battery

    Hi guys, had my SL300 in the garage for the winter...did not disconnect battery which is now flat, no dash lights atall etc.... Am in AA home start so was gonna give them call soon to get it going so i can take for a run and get it serviced for summer, they usually have a starter pack..i...
  20. BTB 500

    DSB SL AMG’s SL300 (R129) AMG

    Gallery thread here: contains some questions, but only the OP is allowed to post there! So ... Yes, looks like a nice car and I think it's a rare colour combination. There are a couple of things that look...
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