1. G

    slk 32amg, sl55amg supercharger washer and pulley size?

    Hi guys does anyone have a spare washer of the slk 32 or 55 supercharger pulley they can sell to me (cant get off mercedes seperate- have to buy the whole pulley unit) also might be a daft question is this a 65mm pulley that came on the car?
  2. John757

    2002/2003 sl55amg

    Hi all, In a couple of months i retire :bannana: and i'm looking to buy myself a little retirement gift.. namely a 2002/2003 SL55 AMG .. with around 60k miles and as few owners as poss... std cond. (UK RHD) desirable options..are Pano roof and 19inch wheels..Black or Dark blue with...
  3. B

    SL55AMG F1 performance pack - genuine ?

    I'm thinking of changing my SL500 to an SL55 AMG The seller says its derestricted but is that an F1 Performance Pack car And how do I prove it ? Thanks
  4. karozza

    2003 sl55amg oe battery

    Is there anywhere to buy the original starter battery(the small one under the bonnet) or equivalent apart from Mercedes??
  5. E


    Anyone know this car LG54DHK.oh and hello everyone.;)
  6. B

    Newbie SL55AMG

    Hi All, Im the proud owner an SL55AMG, ive wanted one for ages but thought id take the plunge now. I also have an EVO 9 for sale if anyone wants to know details let me know as im not sure if i can post links in the forum But here she is..
  7. W

    Hello, new guy in the Wokingham area SL55AMG

    Super excited to have been able to pick up my dream car as prices of older ones fell into my reach! It's a 2003. I'll be nosing around this forum, from what I've seen there is tons of useful help from likeminded people - excellent!
  8. S

    supercharger lack of power sl55amg

    hi all need some help with my sl55amg . supercharger not working all the time when i load it and work the supercharger hard then come of the gas for a few seconds and put the power back on there is no supercharger power . let the car cool for a few seconds the boot it its back full power . was...
  9. S

    SL55AMG Rough when at 1200-1800 rpm

    HI looking for some help with my sl55amg 2004 hot or cold rough when at 1200 to 1800 not coil packs or leads or plugs any more info would be helpful thanks :doh: apart from that go like s--t lol
  10. A

    SL55AMG Suspension

    Anyone know where I can go to get hold of front struts for SL55AMG. They are Bilsteins as OEM but at £1077 per side seem ridiculously priced when its only the inbuilt ball joint that requires replacing not the actual strut. All suggestions very welcome Thanks
  11. C

    R230 SL55AMG Keyless Go Cards - Keytrack disabled

    Hi all! Story so far is that I contacted the previous owner of my SL55 to get the Keyless Go cards from him, then went to the dealer to sort it all out. I took one DAS key (normal IR remote key) and the two Keyless cards. Long story short is that I left without any working KeylessGo...
  12. A


    Anyone looking to sell? I'm after a good example below 30k mileage silver car with pan roof. Send me an email. Cheers Paul
  13. C

    Silver SL55AMG Northbound M3

    Reallly sorry to see that you had been pulled over by the BiB, as I went past he was just putting his cap on, I was motoring at the time and you certainly had not passed me, I just hope he stopped you to admire your great car The time was about 1840 on Wednesday 11th just past Winchester...
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