1. L

    Sl60 amg suspension r129

    I was doing a bit of research on what suspension is fitted to my '97 r129 SL60 AMG and it appear from the registration card that it has option 793 the 8" and 10" wide AMG wheels but does not have the AMG suspension option No 783. I'm guessing that my car has standard Sl500 suspension. So...
  2. M

    Mercedes R129 SL60 AMG Buyers Guide

    Hi All, Over the years I have written some buyers guides for the popular magazines. I thought they may help here. I hope these is no issue with that. If there is anything wrong, please dont hesitate to correct me. The final printed versions were heavily scaled down by the magazines. These...
  3. rockits

    SL60 For Sale - Top Top Money?

    1997 Mercedes Benz SL60 AMG Seems like a fairly expensive price does it not? Not sure I could justify the premium over my 2 owner same miles 1999/T SL500.
  4. S

    SL60 - how much?

    :eek: 1997 Mercedes Benz Sl Class Amg for Sale | Classic Cars for Sale UK
  5. S

    1995 SL60, 13,500miles

    1995 Mercedes-Benz SL60 AMG - 13,500mls For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C781211] I'd like to see in the metal, as not sure the colour combination works for me in the photos. Will be interesting to see if they achieve their guide price
  6. D

    mercedes sl60 for sale

    Mercedes SL60 AMG convertable r129 silver with silver arrow interior. | eBay
  7. rockits

    Buying an SL60 and/or R129 Pano Roof - Strange sellers or strange buyer (me!!!)

    So I enquired about an SL60 on Ebay. This one: Rare Mercedes-Benz SL60 1995 | eBay I asked politely and nicely for some answers to a couple of questions. Received a reply back with some answered and some not. I tried again with a request for a few further pictures to be e-mailed and also...
  8. rockits

    R129 SL60 Wanted

    After selling my SL60 a couple of years ago I miss it and am looking to get back into one again. If anyone fancies parting with theirs drop me a line. I have a nice R129 SL500 1999 72k miles 2 owner car that could be used as a swap + cash or straight purchase if not.
  9. rockits

    SL500 & SL60 Advice & Thoughts?

    Morning All I have a nice black R129 SL500 T/1999 2 Owner car with 70k miles on. I have done a few jobs that needed doing and need to do a couple more to get it where I would like it. However I have been hankering to get back into an SL60 against since I sold mine to Jay. I have some earlier...
  10. Bleazzy

    Sl60 electric fans do not come on !

    Any ideas of what to check first , any help appreciated
  11. Bleazzy

    Is an sl500 ignition loom the same as an sl60 amg ignition loom

    My dilemma
  12. Bleazzy

    SL60 AMG just found out they only made 49!

    Is this true guys they only made 49 ! I am just fixing mine up after along time in the garage
  13. biturbo

    sl60 AMG for sale

    Hi all, Not been on here a long time. Been so busying with house renovations. I have decided to put my SL60 AMG up for sale. I have done loads to it and its a brilliant car. Anyone interested can pm me. Offering for sale at 22k.
  14. R129Melvin

    R129 sl60

    How easy is it to find a good one, what should I pay and where should I look? I'm really itching to get a more powerful version than my 500.
  15. S

    SL60, 500E, 230SLs, 280SEL 4.5 at auction this month

    Some interesting cars coming up for sale on 29 Aug here:
  16. A

    Mercedes SL60 AMG R129 exhaust Mod

    Guys, Can you tell me any good company which carry out Mercedes exhaust mod? All I need to do is change the pipes in the middle box to straight pipes. This link will explain all: if you can recommend a company...
  17. D

    SL60 AMG (1995) -problem

    Can anyone help? If I don't use the car for a week or more, I get condensation in one distributor cap after a couple of miles , causing one bank of cylinders to stop working--soon afterwards the engine heat dries it out and all is fine again. If I use the car daily, no problem. New dist caps...
  18. S

    My new SL60

    I am pleased to say I have become the new owner of long-time forum member Ian's SL60 (pictures from last year here: Ian has looked after the car well and I had a great drive back to Bristol from Peterborough yesterday...
  19. rockits

    R129 SL60 AMG For Sale - Strange Seller!

    Just a heads up for anyone that may be interested in this one as the seller doesn't seem too accommodating or pleasant OK, it is not on Ebay but Car & Classic and the ad is here: Mercedes SL60 AMG For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK [C593056] I sent over a genuine message to show an...
  20. rockits

    Looking to get back into an R129 SL500 again...maybe SL60!

    It has been a long and hard time since my SL60 moved along to Jay. Hope she is being good to you Jay?! I am missing the SL though so although I bought a really nice Maserati 4200 recently I wouldn't mind adding an R129 SL back into the garage. I had an R129 SL500 prior to the SL60 which was...
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