1. H

    722.6 kickdown problem 1996 SL600

    I have a late 1996 R129 SL600. Recently the use of kickdown has resulted in the immediate trigger of Limp Mode and illumination of the BAS/ESP orange light. Restarting the engine clears the symptoms until kickdown is tried again. If kickdown is not used the car drives perfectly, with no...
  2. 1

    Which code reader - 1996 SL600 ?

    I am totally confused as to which fault code reader in need for my 1996 SL600. From what I have read the diagnostic system on this generation is a bit of a hybrid, could someone please explain in layman's terms. I hear the name Star banded about but would prefer to spend less. Thanks in...
  3. PurpleDog

    Cylinder misfire on M120 engine (SL600)

    Cylinder misfire on M120 engine (SL70) Hi all, There was some misfiring detected in 2 or 3 of the cylinders in my car. According to the dealer, it would require about 32 manhours to remove cylinder heads to check (so some £5,000). Other option is to run some miles on it to see if...
  4. H

    1996 R129 SL600 ADS suspension query

    Hello. I raised the car on a scissor lift (all wheels hanging free) but forgot to press the Lock button on the hydraulic ADS before doing so. Just wondering if I am going to cause problems with the ride height sensors etc by forgetting to Lock the suspension in place first? Any procedure I need...
  5. L

    Anyone own a SL600 R129?

    What's your ownership experience like? Anything you can share with a perspective purchaser Anyone selling an R129 SL600 with low milage, please send me a message
  6. L

    Lowering Module For SL600 2004

    As title. If you have one or know where to bet one from. Thanks Paul
  7. L

    Brabus 20" Monoblock type VI 2pc wheels SL600 SL55 K8

    As title. These came spare with a Brabus SL600 that my boss bought a while ago. Rears are 10.5" with 305/25/20 Yokohama Advan close to 7mm Fronts are 9" with 255/30/19 With continental contact 3, one with 6mm the other is new. The wheels look immaculate, just two very small chips in the...
  8. abecketts

    2004 sl600

    Looks wonderful to the untrained eye, 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.5 SL600 2dr
  9. Lenny63

    A Nice Collection - clk 55 , 3 x SL600

    This owner seems like an enthusiast who spends more time in Spain now than UK The CLK 55 is especially nice and a low miler all cars have been dry stored for approx 2 years...
  10. PurpleDog

    R129 SL600 / SL73 AMG Wanted

    Hi all, Am looking for a R129 SL600 or SL73/70 AMG that is well-maintained and has full service records. Preferably 1996 and older. Please PM me at Thanks.
  11. greghm

    CL500/600 vs SL350 or up

    Hello gents, I went through a bit of reading here and I think it is the right time to ask the community. Sorry if this has been asked already. I am considering putting between 4 to 6k in a week end car which would be either a 2000-2003 CL500 or an older SL350 or SL500. They both appear sexy...
  12. J

    Sl600 amg

    A bargain for someone. Looks great!! Mercedes SL600 AMG For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK [C603333]
  13. J


    :) Hi all, Anyone seen this?? Looks very nice and I believe the dealer has a good rep. too? Car Sales - Welcome to Kim Cairns Cars Established 40 Years This Month!! Maybe priced low, but looks good to me. Not many about compared to 320's. Not financially sorted but very soon, so...
  14. P

    2010 R230 SL600 Parts - Body + Cooling

    Have some very low mileage parts for sale from a 2010 SL600. Only 8,000 garage stored miles. Bits only removed due to modifications. 779 - Alabandite Grey SL600 R230 230.477. Front bumper with fog lights, trim & mesh Rear bumper Front grille Rear Brembo Calipers Rear Discs Both...
  15. P

    R129 SL600 acquisition!

    Hi everyone, After a fair bit of looking and umming and erring I took the plunge on a 1999 SL600 Sport a few weeks ago. I have a weakness for big engines and wanted a toy to play with in the summer so it had to be covertible. Having seen Harry Metcalfe's video a while ago I set upon finding an...
  16. F1BHP

    Wide Body SL600

    My mod list: Wide body kit 20" Carlsson ultra light wheels Brembo BBK 405mm front 380mm rear Voltphreaks lithium batteries around 15lb for both. Quaife LSD K-Mac camber bushings Lowering links Speedriven intercooler and upgraded pump Speedriven H/E Speedriven scorpion intake - K/N...
  17. P

    SL600 ADS query (not problem - I hope!)

    Hi everyone, Have just taken the plunge and purchased a 1999 SL600 Sport....I am a sucker for punishment and the V12 lure was too strong for me! The history on the car was great, 2 owners only...always main dealer serviced and cherished etc. It is a wonderful machine, the engine is simply a...
  18. P

    Wanted: R129 SL600 or SL500

    After a well cared for R129 SL500 or even SL600. Preferably navy blue. Mileage is totally irrelevant to me as long as there is evidence it has been looked after and there is paperwork to back that claim up! What have you got........:cool:
  19. S

    Expansion or Recovery Tank removal SL600

    Hi, Does anyone have a procedure or know how to remove the expansion tank on a 2004 R230 SL600. Appreciate any help. Regards, Greg
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Harry's Garage: R129 SL600

    Latest video from Harry Metcalf - EVO editor. Mercedes Benz SL600 V12 drive and review (R129) - YouTube LhX0Y2wQfqo Needs clear side repeaters.
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